It's present time

Who doesn't love presents?? 
My love language is receiving gifts & lucky for me my birthday was this month = presents!! 
Alex spoiled me as usual even with the wedding 8 days after I turned 23. 

Back in September he kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday & as usual I just say something with meaning. Even a paper card works for me. I am like EVERY girl out there, when I am put on the spot I have NO idea what I want. Than one day I was thinking and I thought of some gifts & emailed it to Alex so he wouldn't forget just in case he still hadn't decided what he wanted to get me. 

To my surprise EVERYTHING from my list is what I got.
I will let the pictures do the talking... 

Birthday Bag

I even got a balloon

Presents inside

New Workout things. :) -- Now with the Honeymoon booked for April better get on it. 

New Running Shoes.-- Cant wait, Hopefully I can get back into running. 

&& my favorite present of all.
I cant wait to wear them. :) 

While I was spoiled with my birthday-- I loved ALL my presents.
& thank you again for all the wonderful birthday wishes!!! 

So until next time I get presents... 
after all it is my love language. 


  1. those are some nice presents! i hope you enjoy the jillian michaels dvd!! i have one but i am scared to use it lol.

  2. Love language?! Are you referring to the "5 Languages of Love" book?! I didn't know anyone else even knew about that. Haha

  3. I love presents too haha! He did a great job!!! Adorable bracelets!