Monday We meet again....

Oh Monday we meet yet again,
but just wait - it is a 3 day week!!!! HOLLA!!! 
I am so excited to enjoy some yummy turkey day food.. stuffing anyone? mashed potatoes? just some of my favorite things... 

meanwhile, I am working my life away hoping the next 3 days fly by - I leave you with Samara :) 


I don't know about you, but I love Jessica's new name for her blog- Living My Fairytale. So sweet and sometimes exactly how I feel. My blog's name is The Secret Life of Samara because I am trying to keep my blog a secret from my students...shh, don't tell!

Jessica has been kind enough to let me take over her blog today and I thought I would take the opportunity to revisit some wedding memories of my own...more precisely, my proposal. When I see newly weds like Jessica, I sometimes feel like an 'old married couple' in comparison, having gotten married over 2.5 years ago. I'm sure many of you who have been married for far longer laugh at this! I love to reflect back on those times that seemed to pass in a blur (no doubt this will be Jessica soon, if she's not already doing it herself). It really does all seem like a life time ago.

I think life tends to move in stages, some faster than others. Joel and I had the most amazing time getting to know each other before we dated and then eventually dated for a year and a half. (Click on this link if you want to read about how we met etc). When I say amazing, it doesn't mean it was all good. It just means it was an incredible time to get to know each other on all different levels. Anyway, we reached a time where we were both ready to be engaged and prepare for the next stage in life. It was really just a matter of when.
"When" it turns out was Tuesday July 7th, 2009. We were 21 and it was the last day of a 5 day youth camp that we were leading on. 2 years prior to this day we had first starting talking on the bus ride home from this camp. The previous year we had crept out at the crack of dawn to have some alone time. This year our early morning walk had become a tradition.

As I was getting ready for our walk that morning, a naughty thought crept into my mind that this may be it, however I quickly pushed it aside...but still chose to actually put mascara on, just in case. This incidently made me a couple of minutes late leaving poor Joel waiting outside, thinking I had forgotten. After 5 days on a camp with limited alone time, our time together was bliss. Just holding his hand was lovely and having him all to myself set my heart a flutter. We walked for about 10 minutes down to the beach and sat on a chair to watch the sun rise in the freezing cold. We took a few happy snaps of us together. Life was good.
Life pretty soon got a whole lot better when Joel asked me if I would like a Kinder Surprise. I said yes extremely enthusiastically as I was starving and he knew my favourite chocolates were Kinder Surprises, no matter what time of the day. He regularly gave me Kinder Surprises to cheer me up (or bribe me!),
He took his out and opened up his toy to expose an awesome pink crayon figurine. I shook mine and suspected another boring puzzle, so insisted we swap toys. He refused. I started to suggest he was a pansy for wanting a pink crayon. Oh the shame! Anyway, after a brief war of words, I reluctantly opened my Kinder Surprise...to reveal a ring. Not just any ring though. A beautiful one that my husband chose all by himself. It was perfect.
This is where it gets a bit funny. He got down on one knee and started to say some wonderfully amazing things to me. I of course spotted a jogger about to run by and, out of embarrassment, shushed him. I know- I shushed the man who was proposing to me! Oh dear. Anyway, once he was able to recommence, I responded with a very enthusiastic "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!". I had oddly enough been talking about the best way to respond to a proposal with the youth girls the day before and this had been the way we decided on (reference to the Pride and Prejudice movie).

We finished watching the sunrise snuggling and then he said he had another surprise for me. We walked further along the beach and ran into some rascally kids who had also come out to watch the sun rise. We shared some friendly banter and continued on. They had no idea we were newly engaged.
When we arrived at our destination, I laughed so hard. Joel had convinced his best mate and house mate to drive 1.5 hours at the crack of dawn to be our waiter.
For breakfast, we were served a silver platter full of McDonald's hash browns (which was a constant craving of mine, especially on camp), Passion Pop (my choice of drink at Uni due to its cheap, cheap price), candles (one of my many loves) and some blankets to keep us warm. The photo doesn't really do it justice due to the flash, but you get the idea.
To say I was one happy lady is an understatement. This man knew me well! After enjoying a lazy breakfast, we wandered back to camp in time for the morning leader's meeting where people had somehow just guessed what was happening when we were late. I then had the absolute pleasure of dragging the same girls I had discussed marriage proposal responses with out of bed and telling them that I was engaged. While weird that campers knew before my friends and family, it was so beautiful to share the moment with the girls. They went nuts as teenage girls do and decided they were going to announce my entrance at breakfast and busily went about planning it, scrapping their usual hair and make up routine (a miracle in itself).

If this whole story wasn't corny enough for you, hold on! The girls all filed into the breakfast hall one by one humming the bridal waltz and, as decided, I came in at the end and said in a big, excited voice "I'm getting married!". I was then joined by my beloved who was already in the hall by this time (because apparently it isn't all about the bride- who knew!). 

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how my husband pulled off my perfect proposal and how we ended up doing this (he is 6"8 after all)...
 Unfortunately, all kinder surprises these days are a let down as none of them contain a diamond ring!

Thanks for having me Jessica,
The Secret Life of Samara


  1. Love this!! I have to go check out your blog Samara! =)

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! Couldn't stop smiling the whole time I read it!