What she is Thankful for...

Newlywed MomentsHi everyone! My name is Emily and I blog over at Newlywed Moments about everything from romance to recipes to real life. Let me begin by saying this: wasn't Jessica the most beautiful bride?! She has been nothing but kind and encouraging since I first emailed her back when I only had like 50 followers (shhh let's just pretend I had 400).  So thank you so much to Jessica for letting me guest post today. What a privilege it is to be here and get to know you lovely readers! Since it's Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fitting to share what I am thankful for. 

So here we go! 1. My husband. I cannot even begin to express how much I love this man. Hudson is SUCH an encouragement in my life, and he inspires me to make the most of every moment. I've laughed more in the past six months (since being married) than I ever have in my whole life! 2. Our situation. I wrote a whole post about this here, but basically, we've been married six months now and Hudson still does not have a job. He's applied for hundreds of positions and has had interview after interview...so it's hard to understand. But looking back, I can genuinely say that I am SO thankful for this time because it has allowed us to intentionally work on our marriage (and learn how to stay best friends even when we are together literally 24/7)! 3. The basics. How often I forget that having a roof over my head, food to eat each day, and a family that is incredible supportive & loving is a blessing, not just what everyone has. It is so easy to take the simple things in life for granted, especially while I'm chowing down on my second serving of turkey, mashed potatoes, and baked corn. I started something neat last month to help me remember to not take things for granted. Each day, I set aside two minutes to thank God for all that He has blessed me with. It has made all the difference! 4. Jesus. Without Him, my life would be completely different. I just can't comprehend the fact that the most perfect person in the world DIED for me so that I can LIVE in heaven for eternity. There is nothing I am more thankful about than that! 5. Warm weather. On a lighter note...if you know me, you'll know that I'm obsessed with summer. I'm from the northeast but if I could move to Florida or California, I would do it in a heartbeat. These cold days remind me that I am thankful for the warm weather that I got to enjoy this summer! What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


  1. Hoping your hubby finds a great job soon!!! :) I'm always thankful for the basics too! Great post!


  2. Lord I'm an emotional wreck.. I am so happy for you hun and so happy you have the best fair-tale :)

  3. Nice to "meet" you! I'm in the same boat as your husband although it seems like you're having much better of a time keeping your sanity though it! Haha

  4. Thanks so much for having me today, girl! And thank you so much everyone for your encouragement -- I appreciate it more than you know!