Friday Letters

Dear Eli,
Your birthday was a success!! I am so happy that you LOVED Disneyland. I promise we will go back when they are not that many people and ride more rides!! 

Dear Charm Bracelet,
I pray you get returned to me, but I won't hold my breathe on it. I can't believe you broke and I lost all 9 charms. You truly meant alot to me considering you were my wedding present & the hubby even got me new Christmas charms. 

Dear Cynthia,
I am so excited you are out in Cali with me. What shall we do today? 

Dear Kay,
Thank you for coming to the Happiest Place on Earth with us and helping in celebrating Eli's Birthday. He can't stop talking about it. 

Dear Hubby,
I am so sorry I lost the bracelet. I really didn't mean for it to break. I really thought it wouldn't of broke. If we replace it, I promise to be more careful with one, but I know right now we can't afford to replace it! I just want to cry. I love you. 

Dear Christmas,
You are 4 days away!! I can't wait to see Eli's face when he sees all the fun presents!! 

Dear Blogger Friends,
Thank you so much for all your sweet words yesterday on Eli's birthday post and all week long! I am wishing you all a beautiful holiday season and spreading extra love to all your family!!! Looking forward to a wonderful 2013 year & all the fun & exciting things to come!!! 

Until Next Time, 

Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND & even better Christmas!! 


  1. awe it looks like he had a wonderful time for his birthday!

  2. oh no :( losing something that means so much to you is AWFUL. I've been there. I cried and cried when I lost a gift my husband gave to me. He kept saying it was no big deal, but I felt sooo bad.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. poop. i didn't see your comment until i got home, but my phone was donezo by the middle of the day. glad you guys had fun!

  4. My son's name is Eli too...not short for anything. He also loves cars. Happy birthday to your Eli:)