What My life Has Consisted of Part 2

Who doesn't love a two-part birthday 5 days before Christmas? 
I sure know E man doesn't mind one bit... 
{sorry for the late update but as the month goes on I am trying to play catch up on the updates of life}

To find out what we did for part-one go here

The day was December 20th
It started out as a normal as possible [minus we were not up at 5:30am for school instead we were up at 7am to open presents]

After presents & getting dressed - we loaded up the car!! 
Car was full of people & love. 
We finally broke the news that we were going to 
Somewhere we have it on video of us telling him...

Let's just say Disneyland was crowded.. 
We managed to ride 2 rides at California Adventures and 2 rides at Disneyland but overall he had so much fun!! He can't wait to go back 
[Do i have mom written all over my face?]
I will let the pictures do the talking
{picture overload}
Don't forget my baby sister came to visit too so of course she went along for the fun 

Lighting even told him Happy Birthday! 

& Don't forget Kay surprised him too! 

& he got Woody's autograph! 

Do we look like sisters? 

Than we had some fun... 

& don't let it fool you.. Kay had some fun too 

& than we ate some dinner &
E went down for a nap... 
Apparently fighting the crowd was too much for him. 

After all the fun we had, we decided to do some shopping downtown and that is when I noticed my charm bracelet from the hubby for our wedding was missing! 
It broke off somewhere and I lost it! 
I was basically in tears leaving .. As it was such a happy day it was also a sad day for losing something so special to me! 

At the end of the day.. 
Happy 5th Birthday to Eli Man!!! 

May your 5th year of life be all that you can dram of and hope for! 

Helene in Between


  1. i remember you posting about your charm bracelet I'm so sorry!! I'm still Jelly that you went to dDisney land! that had to of been a great adventure. It was actually crowded for Christmas?? Well I know when not to plan my trip! lol have a great day <3

  2. FUN FUN FUN!!! My little one is sitting next to me right now and yelled AWESOME when he saw the transformers jacket. LOL

  3. Will you take me to Disney Land for my birthday too?? Lol. Looks like he had a fabulous time!

  4. let's go again!! minus the kiddos, haha!!

  5. awe.. .this is the bracelet loosing moment, you shared with me. So sad! But looks like a wonderful day! I've never been to CA but would love to do Disneyland one day!

  6. so fun! i want to say i can't believe i didn't run into you guys that day...but with how crowded it was, it was pretty impossible to see you guys! haha. super sad face about the bracelet.

  7. Looks like a lot of fun. I'm all for spreading out the birthday fun. Speaking of which I also wanted to make sure you knew about my newest giveaway? I'm giving YOU presents for MY birthday! How cool is that? http://msmorgansrealitycheck.blogspot.com/2013/01/celebration-giveaway.html