Dreaming Big

We are back at it.. Fitness topics
This seems to the be the NEVER ending topic.. 
I am now 49 days away until we set sail for some fun but until than I have 49 days of HARD WORK

If you all followed along in my journey, You would know that I began 30 day shred again 

I printed a fun calendar to help me keep track what day I am on  & take measurements. 
I also invested in a heart rate monitor which I would suggest EVERYONE do! It gives you the encouragement to keep fighting. To burn just one extra calorie than you did the day before! 

Here's an update:
I have lost 0 lbs!
YES you read that correctly. I have lost NO weight! 
So you ask why am I updating you? Because while I have lost NO weight, I have lost over 7 inches in total and I am not even close to being finished. So therefore 
I am turning my FAT into muscle!  
I just crossed off day 10..even though i was suppose to wait to move to level 2 on this day, I decided to move up early for a few reasons.

-I was doing the shred before I started to keep track so I think my body became accustom to it so I needed to change it up! 
-I wasn't feeling the burn anymore. I wanted something a bit more challenging and I remembered last summer when I did the shred level 2 was intense {i quit after day 1} 
-Now I will do this for the next 10 days or until I feel I am ready again to move to level 3 because there are ALOT of planks in this level.  

Side note: I have not been doing this EVERY day as I have taken the last two weekends off due to other functions. Life happens & there is NOTHING we can do about it besides adapt. While yes I also didn't calorie count during the weekend (my mistake) With all that, I have managed to fit back into my jeans! 

Now that I fit back into my jeans I can focus on the weight loss. I want to lose 15 lbs in the next 49 days.. 
Is this possible? We will see. 
I shall dream big to at least land among the stars

Dream Big! 

Hopefully in the next 49 days..

-Lose 15 lbs
-Fit back into clothes I don't fit into now
-feel better about myself
-finish 30 day shred & start 30 day ripped 


  1. That Jillian is one wretched(yet amazing) woman when it comes to her workour DVDs. I love them all!!!
    Good luck with your goals!!

  2. I love her workouts, but I also actually like a real person getting in my face while I work out, so I love my bootcamp at the gym!! Let's keep each other accountable- I have 75 days until I leave for my weddingmoon in Mexico!

  3. Good luck lady!!!! :) You can do this!

  4. that dog is so damned adorable. And once our paycheck comes through I'll be purchasing the DVD! I'm looking for a way to get more exercise while hubby is deployed. :D

  5. Im scared of Jillian...LOL, but I am glad that you are doing well and staying on track.

  6. I am leaving for a cruise in 32 days... Jillian scares me, and I'm scared I will kill myself trying her workouts. But I am very impressed with your results! I want to fit in my jeans again!!!

  7. Good luck! I might give it a go too! :)

  8. You and I girl, You and I. Maybe we should have Workout Blates? Like, walk around Balboa Park or down by the beach somewhere. Get our Cardio on. We can motivate each other. Just a thought?

    But Jillian Michaels kicks my BUTT, I need to start doing her work outs again. Hmm. Motivation needs to come to me! haha