Guess Whose Back At It... BIGGER & BETTER

Remember how we all made goals starting at the beginning of the year? I was no different.. 
Matter of fact.. I made the goal to get in shape LONG before starting the new year .. do you remember me starting this
That lasted all about a week or so
Ever since than its kinda been a love/hate relationship. Holidays  sister came to visit for 2 weeks & all we did was eat, i drank my life away, I made all the wrong decisions in losing weight  

But I keep remembering back to last summer when I did it EVERYDAY & Swam for the best bachelorette party in Vegas.. I was lookin' sexy might I say!  

So I am back at it again
Ready to go.
Mind set is to get sexy for the hubby & our honeymoon cruise happening.. 

You might say well you have 65 days & that is only 30 days.. well once I finish the shred I am going to do her ripped in 30.. (which I got as a bday gift back in October) 

Here are some of the things I am doing to help

1. I am apart of this amazing facebook page that Jenn from Four Marrs & One Venus started! What an amazing group of ladies & we are all at different starting points.. COME JOIN US IF YOU ARE ALSO DOING THIS! Support is key to success! 

2. I also printed this awesome calendar to keep me accountable

can find here

It feels so amazing to cross a day off.. I restarted & just finished day #3 today ! Feel free to print for yourself as well. 

3. I am also counting calories, Thanks to My Fitness Pal ! If you use it, add me - LET'S BE FRIENDS! 

4. I am on the diet Medifast that I am going to start taking more seriously so I can shred this weight & fit back into my clothes!  

but the BEST thing I ever did for this journey

5. I bought a heart rate monitor - Polar FT7 

It is SUPER easy to use.
Comes in different colors
The hubby got the black & gray one. 
{little side tip: Prices are $119.99 - I found them on heartratemonitorsusa.com for $74 - I went to best buy & already had it loaded on my phone & they did a price adjustment & got the 2 year black tie protection for $11 for both} 
Now that I gave you my cheap tip of the day
I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone. 

Since using this I have learned I can burn about 250 calories in the 30 minutes to do level 1 of the dvd. I want to add some more cardio into the mix to burn at least 500 calories a day but lately I have had no extra time. 

 Red watch
Heart rate monitor 

& just so everyone can see... 

{kinda scary to post for the WHOLE world to see}

Sorry for the blurry pictures..
I also have swimsuit before pictures but I am not going to share those just yet... eeek

There it is my friends..
My 65 days to get in shape & sexy for the hubs for our cruise.
Meanwhile I can order a swimsuit & watch what I eat & train myself to be healthy again!!


-Any tips & or questions please leave
I love all the support I can get 

Happy Wednesday!

ps - today marks 4 months since I said I DO! :) 


  1. Good luck with that hun!!! Stay motivated.

  2. Yay girl! I love MFP! It really helps me SEE what exactly I'm eating...except its been awhile (2 weeks I think) since I logged my food...aaahhhh LOL but I'm getting back on it! Just added you too!
    You're gonna look FABULOUS for your cruise :-)
    I think I may have to join the craze and do the 30 day shred for cardio. Can't wait to see your progress.

  3. You can do this!!! I am excited for you, and can't wait to see you rock this. And with a cruise coming up, best motivation ever :)

  4. I fell off the healthy train - again. I suck. Majorly. My Wedding is my motivation to get into shape and to lose some weight - but then I get tired and lazy...and think "I have over a year til my wedding. I am fine if I start in a few months" -- I offically suck!

    Maybe I will attempt this journey - I've been wanting to, I just have to get off my booty and force myself to do it.

    Good Luck Girl! You can do it!!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  5. Good Luck Darling!!! I know you will do GREAT!


  7. Good luck - you can do it! Where are you cruising to? (you don't have to share...)
    Have a happy Valentine's Day!

  8. Good luck!!! I have so much trouble staying motivated!!

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  10. Thanks for the Polar tip! I'm really thinking about getting one so I know just how much I'm burning. You are so brave doing the "before" pics! I have some that I'm going to share maybe in the next few weeks if I can get the balls haha. I friended you on MFP! GOOD LUCK!

    ...reposted...did it work?