To All My No- Reply Bloggers Out There... MUST READ!

Happy Hump Day
Anyone have a 3 day weekend? Thank you Good Friday!!
Even though I will be spending my day off doing homework but it means I can sleep in for a bit! 
Today's post is for all my lovely readers. I know many of you are new & I love all the comments but I have realized many are No Reply Bloggers! It makes me sad because than i can't write back to your awesome comments. This calls for my friend Kay over at Smalls .. 

Welcome Kay!! 


Hello Readers of Little Country Girl

I stumbled across a few posts about no-reply bloggers, so I decided I would write my own post about it. Because it is one of the most frustrating things, ever. Why? Because I cannot respond to your comments if you are a no-reply blogger. If you're not sure what a no-reply blogger is, you're probably one of them!

What is a no-reply blogger?
someone that doesn't have their email address linked to their blog.

Pat is a no-reply blogger.
Pat leaves a comment on my blog. **All my comments go straight to my email**
As I check my email, I want to respond to Pat's comment, but Pat's email says noreply-comment@blogger.com instead of her email address.
Now I cannot respond to Pat's comment.

Not sure if you are a no-reply blogger?
Two simple solutions.

1. Post a comment on this post asking if you are a no-reply blogger, also leave your blog address on the comment. If you are a no-reply blogger, I will contact you via your blog and let you know. If you are not a no-reply blogger, you will get a lovely email response from me.

2. Follow the steps below.

How to fix this problem:

1. Go to your blogger profile. And on the right click on Edit Profile.
2. Find the check box for: Show my email address. {If this box is already checked, you are not a no-reply blogger)

 Then fill in your email address as I did below.

3. Save Profile.
4. Your profile should now look like this:

VOILA! You are no longer a no-reply blogger!

Worried about your personal email being out?
You can make yourself a specific email for your blog. Many bloggers do this. Just be sure to check your blog email frequently.

HOWEVER, this will NOT change your log in email..

Thank you Kay!!! 
Make sure to leave a comment to find out or follow the simple rules!! I want to be able to respond to all comments in the future! 


  1. Wooty woot!!! I love this name, girl!!! So clever and memorable! And boo to no-reply bloggers. I've spent a many of nights pouring my heart out in response to a post only to discover it to be a no-reply...very frustrating, but I've finally learned my lesson and check before responding!!!

  2. that is so irritating isn't it, about people not leaving some sort of contact information when commenting. I LOVE IT when people comment my posts but when I can't find an email I will still be determined to find them and send a thank you email.