Make The Effort

I know I am way behind on this Blog Every Day in May Challenge ! Truth be told I love it, I am just struggling with time management currently. It is obviously not a forte of mine! I am trying to catch up, so if you get a few post in one day that is because I am catching up with this, wedding & honeymoon recaps & sorta everyday post. 

Thanks for understanding! 

Day 8 of my challenge is to give one piece of advice to everyone around me.  

That is all
With everything that has been going in my life for the last six to seven months & I know a few people who went/are going through this same rough time in life. It is very difficult time. It's almost as if you don't know what to do or what to say. Yet I always try to remember, those who want to be in your life will make the effort! At the same token, remember if you want to be in someone's life make the effort. Sometimes it's not a two way street and the effort isn't noticed but at least you can say you tried! 

Have you experienced someone walking out of your life? 
What did you do to overcome this rough time?