My Life Under 250 Words

Day 1 the beginning of blog every day in May

October 2011

I graced my parents with my presence October 5, 1989. I am daddy’s little girl with one older brother & Mommy’s middle child with one younger sister. Lived in San Diego my whole life. Daddy gave us the best childhood memories he could give 2 of us. We managed to have 7 dog, all kinds of cats, two birds & even a goose. Trips to mexico, desert, & the river with too many to count. Loved but never spoiled, taught the lesson to work hard and play even harder. I have lived in the same home since I was 10 years old. Watched brother play every sport & supported him through all his decisions. I played softball, soccer & field hockey. I wasn't the best high school student but better than most.  Managed to graduate with a 3.6 & off to college I went.  2010 I met Alex, 6 months later, we were engaged at Disneyland. October 13, 2012 we were married. December 2011 I somehow graduated college with my BA.I formed amazing relationship with Jesus. I always seemed to take the road less travel and I keep enjoying this journey of my life. It is a beautiful crazy ride!