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Summer is here.. at least for us in San Diego. We are suppose to have 80+ degree weather this week. This just means pool time!! I honestly don't see it cooling down anytime soon either so I might as well embrace the warmth! 
Tammy over at healthline.com is here to share some tips on how to keep your skin safe from the sun for years to come to stay young forever! 


Keeping Your Skin Safe from the Sun

Most of us love to sport a nice glowing tan during the summer months but we have to be careful about how we get that nice tan

The sun’s UV rays can be very damaging to the skin. The one thing we want to avoid the most is a sunburn. Not only is a sunburn painful, it can cause the most damage to the skin especially if you get a second or third degree burn.

Often times in return for your efforts of trying to get a nice tan you end up with a burn. These burns can come with an unattractive scaly, peeling skin as a reward for your efforts.


Your number one defense against the sun’s rays is sunscreen. Even if you want a little color, you still need to wear sunscreen. 

Instead of using one with an SPF of 50, use one with an SPF of 20.
Also, limit the amount of time you spend in the sun especially during the sun’s peak hours, which are 10 am to 4 pm with the sun being at its highest peak between the hours of 1 pm to 3 pm. If you go out into the sun on a hot day during highest peak hours, you are not going to tan you are going to fry!

If you enjoy sitting by the pool with a nice ice-cold soda or beer during the summer afternoons be sure to wear sunscreen, (water attracts the sun) and wear a wide brim hat to help shield your face.

If you prefer your natural skin color and can do without a tan, here are some tips to keep your skin extra protected.
  • Always wear a high SPF sunscreen
  • Wear a wide brim hat (brim of about 3 inches wide)
  • Wear a light cotton or silk long sleeve shirt and pants
  • Cover those feet, they can burn too and trying to walk on sunburned feet, not so much fun
  • Stay indoors between the hours of 1 pm and 3 pm
  • Sit under an umbrella or under a big shady tree
  • Avoid the hottest part of the day (1 pm – 3 pm) this is especially true for people who are fair skinned, have green hazel or blue eyes and those who freckle easily.
  • I think it goes without saying that young children should be either inside during the peak hours or they should be smothered in a high SPF sunscreen from head to toe. In addition to being closely monitored for the start of a sunburn. Unfortunately, most of the time a sunburn does not appear until an hour or longer after the skin has become burned. To check for a burn place your hand on the skin, if it is hot then it is most likely burned.

Everyone likes to enjoy those warm/hot “dog” days of summer without having to worry about sunscreen, hats, umbrellas and all that other stuff. However, if you want to maintain healthy skin you need worry about all that “stuff!”

You can still enjoy your summer, just be smart about it. It only takes a couple of minutes to apply sunscreen and slap a hat on your head before you head out into the sun. Take breaks in the shade if you are working outside. If you are at a BBQ, grab your beverage of choice and a chair and spend a little while sitting in the shade. 

Your skin will thank you for it especially when you get older and your sundried damaged skin does not match your leather handbag!

Tammy Mahan is a published author. She enjoys sharing her 20 years of medical knowledge by writing for Healthline, In her free time, she reads, cooks, and gardens.

Thank you Tammy for giving us some awesome tips for staying healthy during summer time. I know my skin will thank me as I get older for all the years & time I have spent in the summer. Even though i have a dark complexion as is, I still do burn & it hurts so sunscreen it is for me!!! Nothing feels better than a swimsuit, a cool pool & a ice cold beer in hand to spend my Saturday

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