What am I Most Afraid Of

I knew I wouldn't be able to avoid this for the Day 7 of Blog Everyday May Challenge 

The things I am most afraid of,this list could go on far too long. 

Losing my father: I am deathly scared to lose my dad. I am daddy's little girl. I can't imagine my life without him being by my side. He truly is one of the most amazing men I know. He is me hero! 

Putting my animals down: I know in the long run it is most likely what is best for them but I hate it. I am afraid of it. I am afraid they will hate me for it, but I know they will want to me to find another one of them to love on & give them a happy home too! 

Divorce: I am a product of divorce parents. I am not saying I would rather my parents still married but I am afraid of it. {No we are NOT getting a divorce} I am just saying if/ God willing we don't need too/ I am afraid of them. 

This would lead me to, being alone. I don't want to grow old by myself or not enjoy life. I want someone by my side to enjoy those moments in life, to watch our children grow, to enjoy grand children, to explore the world, to travel, to take too many pictures and laugh. To sit on the front porch & watch the grass grow! 

Not being able to have children - I want to know what a little one of me would be like. I want to know their personality. I want to feel those kicks. I want to know what it's like to be pregnant. I just pray that it happens at the right moment in life to enjoy it. Embrace it. 

The last thing I am afraid of.. becoming overweight! I am so scared of it. I am scared I will have to buy ALL new clothes, bigger clothes, that I won't have self confidence, that I will hate myself for allowing myself to get there. There are so many factors into this that I just scare myself so bad that I workout. I try to watch what I eat. I try to set realistic goals. It is a HUGE fear of mine. 

I kept it to my 6 biggest fears. 

What are you biggest fears

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