Who Am I?

I wrote this post before I reviewed the Blog Everyday Challenge & Today makes a great day to post it as the topic is What Do You Do?
Day 6
Many of you have followed me for some time now..
A lot of you have left me beautiful comments..
and some are the quiet type that just read yet never leave a comment.
I am okay with both
I would love for you to say hi & tell me a little about yourself, even if we chat now or I have never received anything from you - I promise to respond to all as long as you are NOT a No Reply Blogger. 

This post is all about what I am.. at the end of the day 
Nothing else in this world defines me but myself. 

I am more than what I give myself credit for. 

I am a... 
Child of God// daughter// niece// sister//grand daughter// cousin// best friend// friend// navy wife//mom// Preschool teacher//medical biller//An American

I am sometimes ... 
happy // unpredictable// on the move// moody// idiot//brave// brutally honest// stressed// worried// unmotivated// the one who always thinks her appearance can improve// too picky// sweet// emotional// messy // greedy// 

I love...
making my husband & son happy// giving animals a happy & loving home// a quiet home// happy family// smell of fresh cut grass// an ice cold beer on a hot summer day// baseball// watching sunsets// holding hands// being an American// laughing with the ones around me// a good book// trashy tv// driving with the windows down & the music up// working out// Ice cream// a good home cooked meal//Starbucks// Target// perfect fitting jeans// flip flops 

I hate... 
being sick// living so far from my little sister & mom// not being to just jump on a plane to see them whenever I want// heavy metal music you can't understand// parents who let their children run their lives // waking up to an alarm // doing laundry // aging animals that we must eventually put down 
{i want them all to live forever}


  1. I love how you mention "son" on there. Although he's not really your child, it's amazing how you accepted him as your own. Love that.

    You're a strong women.

    <3 you!