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Tuesday is here which means I am one day closer to my baby sister coming to live with me for six weeks! I can't wait! I want to get her motivation back to working out and having fun! 

Today you are in for a real treat. 
Michelle is here to share some beauty tips to keep us looking young forever! With summer just around the corner what better time than now to do these tricks. 


Staying Cool During Summer: DIY Beauty Tricks To Help Keep You Cool

With summer right around the corner, get ready for hot temperatures and steamy, humid days. If you're a busy mom or wife, summer is probably less about relaxing and more about racing around to take care of your and house. If you need to relax and cool off, there are some icy DIY beauty treats that you can make with a few ingredients you already have in your kitchen and your freezer. Here are some DIY beauty tricks to stay cool and gorgeous all summer long.

Cucumber Eye Pops

If you're feeling stressed this summer, banish under-eye bags and puffiness with these refreshing DIY cucumber eye pops.

To make, all you'll need is:

An ice cube tray
Some toothpicks
Half of a cucumber, pureed

Take the pureed cucumber and add a cup of water, mixing to create a soup-like mixture. Pour the mixture into the ice cube trays, creating individual cubes. Freeze for an hour or so, until the cubes are partially frozen. Pop a toothpick into the center of each cube and then put the tray back in the freezer. Let the cubes sit overnight. To use, pull a cube up by the toothpick and hold it like a Popsicle. Glide the cube over the skin under both of your eyes. It's refreshing, relaxing and will banish puffiness and dark circles.

Fresh Face Mist

If you want a fresh face mist that will shrink pores and refresh your skin, then keep this DIY toner and mist in your refrigerator all summer long. You'll need a new and clean spray bottle, lemon juice and witch hazel. Fill your spray bottle with half water and half witch hazel, leaving a bit of room at the top. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice and then shake the mixture vigorously. Store in the fridge and spritz on your skin whenever it feels a little dull.

Sunburn Relief

If you get a bad sun burn this summer, whip up this frozen DIY trick to reduce the swelling and soothe discomfort. Mix one cup of aloe vera gel with a half of a cup of water to thin it out. If you have access it to it, add a few drops of refreshing peppermint oil and stir the mixture. Pour into a small dish and pop into the freezer until it's frozen solid. To us, simply pull the brick of ice out of the bold and hold with a washcloth as you glide it over the burned area.
Just about any beauty product becomes a refreshing summer treat when you pop it in the fridge. Your favorite toner, body lotion or facemask can be put in the refrigerator and used cold to help you beat the heat. Plus, using cold products on your skin helps to tighten the pores and diminish their appearance, giving you a beautiful finish and that perfect summer glow.

Michelle Pino, is a Spa Manager at Skana, a spa in upstate New York at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, NY.  She enjoys DIY projects, healthy recipes, exercise, and all things related to skin care. If you have any comments or questions feel free to contact Michelle via email at michellepino@turningstone.com.

Thank you Michelle for these awesome tips for keeping our skin looking healthy. 

Happy Tuesday

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