Get It Right.. Get It Tight

It is that time of year again.. well it seems it is ALWAYS that time of year where we all workout extra hard to get in that swimsuit shape. 

The never ending cycle of working out. 

Remember back in the day when I used to do Jillian Michaels 30 day shred - No longer am I doing that as I was not seeing the results I wanted.. Had to change it up! 

I know I am on that motivation again since my birthday/anniversary cruise is just 87 days away and I will be in a swimsuit for better part of the 8 days in the Caribbean plus eating lots of yummy food  - I do NOT want to gain more weight on this cruise like I fell victim to last time! 

For the next 87 days I will be working hard and trying to eat cleaner than I normally do! I truly want this to work. 
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I would love all the encouragement I can get from all of you! 

What am I doing you ask?
I am doing Chalean extreme 
I love it
3 days weights - 2 days cardio - 2 days of rest + one shakeology shake a day = sexy body here I come! 

The longest workout is 45 minutes. It is truly the best for a busy mom, busy person, someone who wants to workout but can't devote hour + to the gym.. I was that person! I finally had enough & got my butt in gear! 

Anyone can do this! There are modifiers with no impact & you can push yourself each time to do more & more. 

The best part - You do a different workout EACH day. You can't get bored! 

Sound like you can do this
Come join me July 22nd for the kickoff of our challenge for 30 days of workout & shakeology 

We can motivate each other. We can be the support! We can share goals & share progress

My goal in 87 days is to lose 20 lbs! This is within reach - I just have to work hard! Keep motivated & stay focus! 

Now you don't know if you like Chalean - T25 is the next mission I will accomplish within the next 87 days. 

Have you heard of Insanity? I know why am I asking you this - Who hasn't heard of that crazy Shaun T guy!! 
Always wanted to try it but didn't have the time to focus on it..THIS IS YOUR TIME!  now He's back & better than ever with Focus T25!
I can't wait to get started 

 Workouts are short, most workouts require no equipment and those that do will use the band that comes with the challenge pack and all you need is 6×6 feet of space to do the entire program!

T-25 is on sale for a short period of time!T The Challenge Pack includes the entire program, 1 month of Shakeology, unlimited support from me, food guide, quick start guide and free shipping + more. 

Are you interested in joining me - Sign up for me to be your personal coach ! Let me know your interested in the challenge (I promise it will be fun & you WILL make new friends) & we can chat! There are ALOT of programs - I promise to find one that fits you perfectly!! 

Can't wait to reach our goals together & show the world we can do this!! 

Goals in the next 87 days:
Lose 20 lbs
Fit back into my size 27/26 jeans 
Stay motivated 
Keep you all updated on my progress
Clean eat 
Less Drinking
Enjoy the new life style 

What are your goals?


  1. just starting to do some weight lifting and cardio yesterday. I have yet to try the shakeology that you sent me doing that tonight. Wish me luck lol

  2. I loved shakeology when I had it. Just cant afford it right now.. I'm training for a 10 miler next month and then starting training for a full marathon that I'm running in February!

  3. keep at it! i'm so proud of you for working your butt off!

  4. I was doing really really well with working out like a beast for a period of time, haha. But then life happened and things got busy, a stomach virus came through the house and I've had a hard time getting back on track. Eating typically isn't a prob for me, but I def need to get my motivation up & hit my fitness hard. I'd also love to lost 20 lbs! Going to follow you on Insta!

  5. Oh how I envy you oh so much. I fail completely on this working out/clean eating thing....AND my dress comes in sometime eary September and I go in for my first fitting. CRAP. I suck at this game lol

    Good Luck Girl, Go kick some butt - I wish I had the discipline like that.

    -Ashlee Michelle