Proud To Be An American

Today is Hump Day...
I sure hope the week flies by, anyone else hoping this?? 

Why you ask? Today is back to school night.. First of many..weird to think my child is now a Kindergartner - Time sure does fly fast! 
Two: Boat Races this weekend. 
three: Rascal Flatts Concert 

But Today marks a day in history...

Today is 
September 11th

First I want to say, No matter what side Red or Blue or in between you are, we are 
ALL American 

I remember I was in the 7th grade. I woke up early that morning to get ready, showered, ate breakfast and STILL missed the bus to school. Dad was sitting on the couch so I asked him to take me to school. We turned the tv on since school didn't start for another hour or so and we only live like 5 mins from there (don't ask why the bus shows up so early) 

That's when the movie changed to BREAKING NEWS. Plane crash. My dad looked at my brother and I and said this is history happening right before our own eyes. That day will forever change ALL our lives. 

He dropped me off at school. First period was history, but in EVERY class all we did was watch the news and chat about what would be of our future. What happened, how we could help. Once home, it continued for a long time. I can't remember exactly how I felt but I knew it was something different. My heart broke for more reasons that I could not describe. I knew it was something that would impact my future.

12 years ago today....  

After the attacks, 8th grade came, March of 8th grade to be exact. The war began. We (as in the United States - my home country - It wasn't just in the text books anymore) was going to war. The first time I can remember going to war with another country (I was too little to remember the gulf war). I didn't know anyone in the military at the time but I knew one day I might. I knew this war wasn't going to be over soon. 

High school came. We remembered every 9/11. Always held it close to my heart. I can always remember wearing RED, WHITE & BLUE to school this day. I remember being so 

As I sit here as a 23 year old, this has so much more meaning to me. As I know some of military members fighting this war every day, I also know a lot  firefighters who risk their lives each and every day to protect us, I know cops, teachers and so much more. There are so many hero's  out there, that it would take me ALL day listing each and every one of them.

If you get nothing else from this post today, just please do me a favor,  if you get a chance, say a small prayer for those families who lost someone on this day, fighting this war, and anyone affected by this in any way possible. I know  we all know a few people who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect us to be able to blog about this. It is the least we can do. 

Freedom isn't Free

As now I am a military wife. This day will forever hold a special place in my heart, as I have lived history. Now, my own child will be learning about this and asking me questions, learning from a text book. 

 May God Continue to Bless the U.S.A

May God continue to bless each & everyone of you every day! 

What were you doing on 9.11.01 ?

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  1. I remember waking up and turning on the radio to listen to 933 as I did every morning while getting ready for school. Except that morning it was some weird super serious voice instead of AJ and his crew. It was the KOGO news radio person. At the time, I wasn’t aware of how big a deal that was until I got to school and saw the news there. Such a trip, and so sad for everyone that’s had to suffer because of that moment. I went on the DC trip that following summer and seeing all the rubble I ground zero was when it really hit me how big of a deal it all was.