Friday Letters Edition

Dear Alex,
I love you & I am so thankful we got new light shed on somethings this week & our Wednesday night dinner was amazing. I can't wait for our Sunday date with just us & some penguins.

Dear Work,
I am over working at the preschool this much. Can I please go back to my old schedule of just tuesday/thursday?

Dear Cy,
Hope you feel better soon. I can't wait for the end of March for you to come visit again than it won't be long until you are officially living with me. It will make us all happier

Dear Preschool Permit,
I sure hope you take the money order even though it was missing the CA on the front part of the order to part. I am one step closer. 

Dear Weekend,
I don't think I have ever looked so forward to a weekend. I can't wait to sleep in & hopefully catch up on somethings. 

Dear Weight loss,
We have met yet again. As per usual, it is a very much love/hate relationship. I am hoping I begin to start loving you some more as I truly need you in my life. 

Dear Readers,
Thank you for all the awesome comments & love. Hello to all my new readers & I am so excited to have you along in my journey. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Weekend.  

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  1. Hope everything works out with the permit. Boo to be called into work! Hope you have a really great date night with Alex and the penguins!?! Considering I posted about Oreo's I am with you on the weightloss! :)