High Five For Friday

This week has felt a bit different for me. Once I felt like my routine is back on track & I am ready to face it head on something throws it all off.So, since my life has been changing, I thought I would do a change up on my Fridays & do a high five for Friday. [first one ever]

Finally it is Friday, This week has been feeling like its taking forever..anyone else with me here?

Let's get right to the point, shall we?

1. It has been over 80 degrees here in San Diego. I would really like to enjoy a winter personally. Wear those hunter rain boots I had to have last Christmas. Give my skin a little bit of a break. I am trying to do a new skin treatment, we shall see how it goes. 

2. I made it back to the gym this week. It felt amazing. Between the clean eating & gym I am ready to lose this weight 

3. This is how I feel... My mom & step dad flew into town Wednesday & we stayed out late than. Than I had a rough morning on Thursday and ever since than this is how I feel.. I can't wait for my mother/daughter date though today

4. This said rough Thursday started with this guy wanting to take himself on a walk that lasted almost 6 hours. He sure knows how to give mama some gray hairs & bad anxiety attack. I am thankful he is back & home safe where he belongs. 

5. I got to preview my photos from my mini session with Jessica. I am in LOVE with them - all of them. if you need a photographer in the San Diego area who is extremely flexible, cares about her clients, & affordable, I highly recommend HeyJessie Photographer. I can't wait to receive them & share with you all. 

[picture of a picture on the computer]

There you have it. My first High Five for Friday post. Not the best but it's something right? I am hoping/ planning on taking more photos through my adventures. I should of taken some with the parents and cherish those moments. 
How was your week?

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I don't want to be an adult today...YES!

    Have fun on your mommy/daughter date :)

    & also, I would have a ton of gray hairs if either of my dogs did that, glad he's back home safe!

    p.s. your hubs is good lookin' ;)

  2. I saw this then realized it's not Friday and I got sad! :( Booo. Yeah to your Mom and daughter date. Being an adult is no fun! Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Jealous of your weather!! Granted, today it's 72 here, but it keeps dipping in to the 50s. No bueno! I want to be outside and wearing less clothing, lol.