So What! Wednesday

This week I am saying So What ...

  • If this is my first So What post in 2014
  • If I plan on spending the entire weekend with my mom since she is flying in today & leaving sunday
  • I am finally back into the gym after a complete month off & it feels amazing
  • I am sticking to my goal this year to lose some weight
  • I have already lost 7 lbs since last monday due to changing my eating habits 
  • I am thinking of just quitting work all together & just be a full time stay at home mom who doesn't do anything (kidding....i wish) 
  • Marty joined me yesterday at the gym & it was actually nice having a workout buddy who didn't complain about it.. I could get used to having someone workout with me 
  • I have a ton of work to do & no motivation to do it 
  • I can not get through the 50 shades of Grey books. I promise I have tried so hard 
  • my mom wants my michael kors purse so I told her only if she can buy me Kate Spade earrings, wallet & the naked Platte of eye shadow to my surprise she agreed 
  • I finally figured out that none of you were seeing my post because my bloglovin' was jacked up.. but I got it figured out now 
  • I am trying to convince my husband to buy me a T5i camera 
  • I already booked a cruise for October of this year 
  • I have no idea what to get my husband for his birthday/valentines day  


  1. SO many exciting things in this post!!! Like that you've lost 7 pounds already!! Whoop, whoop! :) Love the trade that you & your mom did, ha!

  2. yay for gym time! i feel like i got most of my complaining out during my morning hike before the gym. hahaha. i'm hurting today though! how are you feeling?

  3. Woot woot for a healthier 2014! Congrats on the loss, I've lost a few pounds also since changing my lifestyle on the 2nd. Feels great to be making progress. Have a wonderful weekend with your momma! :)

  4. I love this post idea. Dang, seven pounds already?! You go girl!

  5. 7 lbs shut it DOWN! Its crazy how you can just change your eating habits and boom progress!

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