Weekend Crazy: Massages, food & Chargers Win!

Wow! Where did 2013 go? I have a lot of catching up to do on this ol' blog here. It sure feels like forever since I have shared anything with you all. This is the first real week back to work since December 20 and let me just say I am not a fan at all. 

Let's go back to New Year's Eve.. We kept it low key & made it a pj party at my house. The entire house was in bed & mostly asleep by 1230am. We are the rowdy crowd. WATCH OUT. 

New Years day we ran some errands and decided it would be fun to go to Benihana's for dinner (there was 7 of us) let me just say how rude they were. We called to try to get reservations, the earliest they had was 9:15 so we put our name down. They said they can not call us back if there was cancellations or no shows we ALL had to be there. So we went down around 5:30pm and it began. We lied to the host to get a beeper so they moved us from 9:15 to 7:45, at 6:30 or so we decided we'd sit in the lounge and at least order some drinks and sushi, magically they could get us in at 7:15. We took that & decided again the lounge since it wasn't that long of wait. 7:15 came and no beeper went off, so we had to go back up to them to tell them that the other girl gave us this time and we've been here since 5:30. Other than that though, it was so good!! 

Thursday & Friday we kept it low key & all hung out at home. We cleaned up Eli's toys from all his Christmas presents, rearranged his room and watched some movies. Friday night Cy had the bright idea to go to Cold Stone & get ice cream. $40 later everyone in the house had some ice cream 

Saturday we were up early & out the house by 8am. This calls for Starbucks. We had to go fix Cy nails since they were already chipping and we had some Kohl's cash to spend. I got a rock & republic jacket, a LC top and another top all for $13 with my Kohl's cash & $25 rewards.. #DEAL Can't wait to wear them & maybe start doing real blogger post of fashion. After shopping around we went to lunch- of course Cy wants mexican food

After lunch it was onto Massage #2 in 13 days. It was ahhh amazing! Than it was home to pick up the boys & off to my aunt's house for one last family dinner and sangria. I also managed to book our cruise for October back to Grand Turk & The Bahamas!  

Sunday, I did it! I finally took down our Christmas tree. It was very sad but I am holding out for one more Christmas decoration to put away. After we cleaned up a bit than it was time to get ready for some Chargers football. Back to my aunt's house to finish up the sangria since we thought it was smart to buy 6 bottles for $4.52 a piece. 


Than it was back to massage #3 for an hour n half, dinner at olive garden and our last & final fatty day
(more to come on my weight loss mission until than you can follow along here)

So yes I am still alive, just enjoying my time with my baby sister before she goes back to Minnesota on the coldest day going on record in over 5 years (they say) Hopefully she can come visit in March & she will move into my house in June/July or even earlier. 

2014 you are going to be a great year! 

Happy Monday!! 


  1. Something weird is up with your bloglovin! I was thinking I hadn't heard from you in awhile, and bloglovin had no updates for months. But here you are!
    Just FYI