March Goals Recap + April Goals

Remember that time I said I was going to make goals & stick to them? Yeah, let's talk about that. I epically (is that a word?) failed at them hardcore.

March Goals 

No soda: So I didn't make it the entire month but I did manage a pretty good chuck of it. I must get some credit right?

Drink 60oz of water each day: I would say I was close to this. I think I need to get better at keeping track of my water. Any ideas on a better way to keep track besides an app on my phone? I always forget to log it. 

Track my food: I did for the most part until I gave up. I did notice though I do eat better when I have to put it into my fitness pal. 

Go to the gym with Alex: I would say I was 100% on point with this one until I got sick. Why must people get sick to ruin their good streaks?  

Lose 10 lbs: Let's just say I failed.

Blog for the month: I would say I did okay with this. I need to work on it a bit more. I need to improve some things but I am loving it. 

Read two books: BIG FAT FAIL. I didn't even read 1 book. 

Now that I know the track record for some of these goals let's make April goals a little more attainable right?

April Goals

Disclaimer: Goals will begin April 13 as I am leaving the state tomorrow 

Go to the gym with Alex: I want to pick up where I left off before I got sick with the Jamie Eason Program. Week 5 phase 2. Let's do this

Drink 60oz of water: Let's continue to drink water each day to flush out the toxins + the detox I am doing each day

Lose 5 pounds: I know 10 pounds was kinda a big reach so I am going to shoot for 5 and hope for the best. 

Track food: as I stated above, tracking my food makes me pick better food to eat. 

Clean out my closet: Get rid of the clothes I truly know I won't ever wear again. Take all old clothes to platos closet than to the salvation army. 

Pay off credit card: I have a few credit cards that I should be able to pay off this month. One step closer to my 2014 goals

Blog: I want to continue blogging each month. I have some ideas in my head for post so I am hoping I can write them out on the computer now. 

Since I am cutting April short I am going to keep my goal list short. I am hoping I can reach these goals by April 30th. What are your goals for the month? 


  1. What if you fill up enough water bottles in the morning to make 60 oz and then make sure you drink them all before you go to bed?

  2. I bring a gallon jug of water with me so I know once it is gone I met my goal. You can totally do those goals!

  3. As far as tracking your water there are so many fun and cute ways on Pinterest you could do, or even just a printable and marking of each 8oz until you've reached your goal. Also, having a nalgene bottle (about 32 oz) you would know you only had to drink two and be done with it.

    I find it so hard to clean out my closet. I have so many clothes that I don't ever wear. But as I'm cleaning out my closet I somehow always grow suddenly attached to them. Too funny. Good luck with that and the rest of your goals :)