Long Over Due Family Pictures

I am a bit late for sharing these pictures. I try to take family pictures once a year and last year we did it the weekend before Alex left for 3 months. August 31 to be exact. It also happens to be 2 weeks before I started at my current gym and it amazes me to see the difference in me from than to now. I can't wait to see what this year pictures will look like and compare.  

This was Thanksgiving day 2014 on the left and Family pictures August 31,2014 on the right. 

but this isn't a transformation post - this is a family picture post. So a HUGE thank you to Hey Jessie Phtoography for always capturing such amazing pictures. Jessica is always such a blessing to work with and so very understanding. If you are in the San Diego area and want pictures, I suggest you contact her. 

one of my favorites from the day

The whole family together

Proud Navy Wifey & the sister is a proud future navy wifey 

and of course since we do this photo every year here is the 2014 one

What is your family traditions?