Monday Coffee Talk V. 2

Happy Monday ya'll!

Do you have the day off today? I am going to take the day off to spend the day with the hubby since I worked Friday and I want to get on the straight and narrow with my 100 day challenge since we have 88 days until we board our plane.

Today I am linking up with Jasmine & Courtney for another week of Coffee Talk.

Last weeks goals:

1. Continue the C25K running // I did okay with this goal. I think I need to change up my days though and try to get on the treadmill monday-saturday. Days I meet with my trainer though I need to just walk on it for 30 minutues and the other days do the c25k.

2. Blog about my week 1 of 100 days . What worked, what didn't work, progress, weight loss, you a mixture of the entire week. // I did this here -- I can't believe how fast its going

3. Close out the month without feeling so stressed out. This is the perfect time for me to catch up on my work so the stress levels go down. // I failed. I closed out the month but I am still struggling to catch up. I am hoping to clean off my desk and start fresh this month.

This weeks goals:

1. Clean off my desk // Since I ended last week goal ok, I want to start July off with a bang. So I am going to focus on cleaning off my desk and my emails today so tomorrow when I "return" to work I can start fresh and ready to go.

2. Drink a gallon of water a day // I need to drink more water I think. I am giving up my dr. pepper so it's all water. Also with the heat we have, the more water the better for me.

3. Continue Reading Taya Kyle's Book: American Wife // I really want to finish this book sooner than later as I want to start reading more again. I miss it.

What are your goals for this week?


  1. Drinking a gallon of water is a challenge lol

  2. I love the goal about drinking the gallon of water. I did a challenge about a year ago where I drank 8 cups of water a day for a week. It was hard but I felt so fresh (I don't know how it worked that quickly) ! I even lost a few pounds too!!

    Good luck with your goals :)

  3. I miss reading too! The train helps A TON with that though, I've flown through the first 3 Harry Potter books and I'm almost done with the 4th, hahaha!

  4. I want to read more as well, but with all this extra time spent in blog land it hasn't happened. Love the water goal as well.

  5. I need to set up some goals myself😕

  6. I really need to drink more water too. It's so hard for me, but I've been doing better. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. So many people are trying to drink more water!...me, too :) A gallon--that's amazing! Best of luck with everything :)

  8. I definitely need to work on drinking more water as well. And being better about calling my parents!

  9. Sounds like some great goals. I need to drink more water as well. Good luck with your goals. :)

  10. I've been making 32 oz of tea twice a day and its really helped me get my gallon in!

  11. I keep meaning to try couch 2 5k! Looks like you have a busy week ahead of you!