Monday Coffee Talk

WOW! That's an understatement of what my life has been like since I flipped my calendar into August last week. It has been non-stop and moving forward. I am extremely blessed! This week is no different though as I am packing up and heading to Minnesota for a mini-vacation & I am returning back to teaching at the preschool. Let the madness begin today

My goals for the week:

August 10-14

1// Continue the 15k steps a day on the fitbit - I killed it in my challenges last week, I think I even won my first challenge. Add me to it so we can play together - jksieberg@gmail.com

2// Don't stress about packing - I pretty much know what I am wearing to the wedding on Saturday everything else who cares. When in doubt buy new right? No need to stress when in reality I have no idea what I am wearing or even packing

3// Try to stay on top of work as it will come to a stop when I leave this week. I want to try to stay on top of it all before I leave & find a grove with going back to preschool so I am not coming home and having to back track too much. I can't believe how fast it's all going and how much there is to do. We're almost half through August which means everything turns to pumpkin sooner than later!

What are your goals for the week?

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  1. A mini-vacation sounds fun. I had one last weekend for my cousin's wedding, but it left me feeling exhausted. My goals for this week are pretty simple. Don't fall asleep at work and don't spend unnecessary money.