Weekend Recap V.2

It's Monday again. Second Monday of 2016 to be exact. Crazy how fast it's already going. How are your monthly goals going? Did you make any? 

This Monday is special because like many people, I am starting the Advocare 24 day challenge #ALLIN ! I am excited for it, yes I will blog about it. This is my second time doing the 24 day cleanse, but I consider it my first time since I didn't take the first time as serious as I should. I got my measurements and even did some pictures. Later this week, I am sharing my meal plan too. 

This week San Diego got tons of rain. I believe my house got around 8 inches and we are due for more rain this week. I LOVE it! I wish we got this type of weather more often. Did you catch my pictures on Instagram

 This is my front yard. I had more own personal lake. 

Now onto the weekend,

Friday: I finally took hubby to get a new phone. He lost his at the desert over New Years. Verizon really forcing you to spend money. He went with the gold 64gb 6s. Also, his birthday is next month, but the apple watch was on sale, so he got an early birthday present too. #spoiledhubby 

Saturday: I ran to target, went to visit family members, and went grocery shopping for this week with the family.

Target has a special flavor of M&Ms for Valentine's Day and I had to try them. They are good but not to die for if that makes sense

Out grocery shopping. It's moments like this I will miss most when work decides to take him again. 

This is only half of the groceries. It wouldn't all fit on this counter also the fat cat is up there. 

I went to Vitamin shop for the first time ever on the hunt for Oh Yeah! Birthday cake bars, I found them. I also found some new power crunch bars (my favorite) and this yummy protein. Protein pancakes are coming in my near future. 

Sunday: Morning was quiet the adventure. The dogs dug out again. Since all the rain we got the ground is super soft so they can just dig a hole and escape. We found this like an hour later. So we went to town to get fence stakes to keep them from digging in the same spot again. 

Of course that meant a Starbucks run for us. 

Than it was home to clean, laundry and prep for this week of fun. 

What a fun weekend!! How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Are you doing the 24 day challenge? Let me know! 

Make sure to follow along on instagram! Also, follow along on my journey back to Jessica facebook as I will be posting about my 24 day challenge there as well. 

Cheers to Monday ya'll!  


  1. have a blessed week Jessica

  2. Looks like a great weekend! Good Luck with the challenge!

  3. What a weekend!

    We had a personal lake here too. I can't believe how much in rained, although I'm not complaining because I love the cold, rainy weather. I definitely hope we get more this week because it gives me the excuse to be cuddled up inside LOL

    -Ashlee Michelle

  4. It is so crazy how many flavors there are of M&Ms this days! One for every season. They're kind of hit or miss for me.

  5. Looks like a fun weekend! I spend most of my weekend doctoring my horse and editing my cousins engagement photos!

  6. Good luck on your 24 day challenge. I have several friends that are doing it. I love Quest protein powder! I also love their cookies and cream protein bars. So good!!!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! I;ve done the 24 day challenge and saw great success when following the eating plan!