It's almost summertime in San Diego, which also means lots of BBQ and pool time in my future. The pool means swimsuit season is creeping up on us. Anyone else freaking out a bit about the swimsuit part? I know I am! 

As most of you know, I am on a fitness journey. I am counting my macros (Fat, Protein & Carbs) and I eat within a certain range for each. This means lots of protein and I typically go for the chicken. I eat it with almost every meal. 

Thank you to CaveTools , I am able to cook my chicken and know exactly when it is done thanks to me digital thermometer . My old thermometer was a non-digital one and sometimes I swear it was off by a few degrees. Also, the other trick was to take a piece of chicken (usually the fattest one if I forgot to pound it all to the same size) and cut it in half to make sure there was no pink anymore. I know, call me old school! 

I love that this has a large digital screen and nice easy buttons to use. 

It is super simple to use. Even the Kiddo can figure it out. I had him use it to check dinner the other night. 

Also, because so many of us use amazon prime, it's on there as well for a great price. You can find the digital thermometer on amazon here, for 15% off your amazon digital cavetools thermometer, use code LH58KB66

A digital thermometer is one of those gadgets you don't realize how much you use it until you have one than it's like how did I ever live without it? 

*I did receive the thermometer for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own*

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