5 Ways To Get Out Of The Funk In The Morning

Good Morning ya'll

Did you have an amazing Monday? I did besides the fact that San Diego was melting away. We hit a new record for heat, it was 111 at my house when I got home from work and I don't believe it really cooled down until after I went to bed. I hate trying to sleep while sweating. Not to mention, we were in a flex alert so we couldn't even turn on the air. The struggle was real yesterday, but today seems to already be much cooler. Before I head out to the gym, I wanted to share some ways I pull myself out of a funk. 

Sometimes I wake up and I am just not in the mood to deal with people or even be talked too.

I wanted to share my ways of improving my mood to have a better day 

1. Having a Cup of coffee/ Your favorite beverage 
Something as simple as a yummy cup of coffee can truly change my mode. I love being able to sit down and enjoy it. My favorite days are the ones I work from home where I am not in a rush to get out the door and can enjoy it while it's still warm/hot. 

2. Read 
Lately, I have been getting up in the morning to read a few pages out of my book. I am addicted to reading from a real book and not just on my ipad. I am currently reading Me before you & it's so good. I want to finish it soon so I can go see the movie. 

3. Put on a cute outfit/Something comfortable 
Sometimes all it takes is for me to put on a cute outfit and or workout gear and my mode instantly changes. It's like my mind knows something is about to go down. 

4. Light a candle/Turn on Scentsy 
My sister recently got me back into scentsy and I love it. I have the service member warmer and a few plug ins. I got new bars and I love them. I look forward to getting up every morning now and turning them on. I love when the house smells amazing and is clean. 

5. Do a quick workout
Sometimes I don't need to do a full hour or so but something as small as 10 minutes truly helps (I usually do a minimum of 10 minutes). It gets my day going and my heart rate up. Than I am ready and I know I can always go back to my workout once I get my to do list started 

My quick go to methods of changing my mood. What do you do to change your mood when you wake up in a funk? 

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Jess said...

Love it! I actually started reading a mother's devotional and it has helped start my day off on a positive note ☺️

I'm starting me before you! And I agree I love real books I hate reading on kindle or my phone.