17 Things To Stop in 2017

I think by now everyone has wrote out their 2017 goals or word of the year. As I was reading through some post, I came across a few different ones where they talk about letting go of things this year. I noticed many people are truly trying to change in 2017 in such a positive way and I love it.   So I am sharing with you 17 things we all should learn to stop doing this year. 

1.  Stop Self Doubt. You can really do anything you set out for yourself. Stop telling yourself you can't when you can tell yourself you can and you can prove to yourself you can be successful at whatever it is. 

2. Stop Worrying. Worrying does nothing good for you. If you are anything like me you worry about things you really can't control. Really focus on the things you can control and change so your worrying becomes less and you embrace life more. 

3. Stop Overthinking. This is almost like worrying but you really just sit and think about it. I am guilty of doing this with the blog. I really over think everything about this little space instead of just writing for myself.   

4. Stop Doing Things You Hate: If you truly hate doing something, stop doing it. If you don't like your job, find a new one. There are so many options out there, there is no need to waste time doing the things we don't like. 

5. Stop Nip Picking: In the end, does it really matter? I am so guilty of nip picking things and wanting things done a certain way. It really has affected some relationships in my life. I honestly have no idea where it has come from but I am working on letting it all go. 

6. Stop being Angry. Why waste the energy to be angry? It's so much easier to have a happy loving life. 

7. Stop being so hard on Yourself. We are all guilty of this, but why? Is it because we know we can do so much more? This is where the stop self doubt comes in too. Know your limits

8. Stop saying Yes. You don't have to say Yes to EVERYTHING. Say no sometimes and just enjoy the quiet time at home. We have a tendency to fill our schedules so jammed pack that we lose the ability to truly live. 

9. Stop eating like Crap. We say it every year, we are going to eat healthy. Do it this year. Why do you keep putting it off? Really look around yourself and figure out why you can not stick to this goal. I promise you, you'll feel ten thousand times better when you start to eat right and drink more water.

10. Stop comparing yourself. There is no need to compare yourself to others. Everyone has such different lives and we have a tendency to only show the good things happening and not the storms we must go through to get there. 

11. Stop Stressing Over Money. Did you know more couples get a divorce over money than anything else? Stop stressing over it. Sit down one day and write everything out. Make a budget. Stick to budget. Write your goals down. Think twice before shopping, do you really need it or do you want it? Understand the difference between need and want 

12. Stop Putting Other's First. This is your year to shine bright. Put yourself first. Relax, workout, work hard and enjoy your life. Do the things you love and go to sleep each night with gratitude.    

13. Stop Rushing. If you find yourself rushing in the morning to get out the door, make a plan to wake up earlier. If you find yourself rushing from one appointment to the next, spread them out. You don't need to rush to get everything done in one day. If it doesn't get done today, there is tomorrow. 

14. Stop the Drama. Nobody likes drama so just don't create it or be involved with it and just watch how much more happiness you'll find. 

15. Stop Repeating the same Mistakes. If you want to change something than stop doing the same pattern. Change something to change the mistake so you won't regret it. 

16. Stop not Enjoying Life. There is so much out there to do and see. Go see and do it all within your limits. Sometimes a simple walk with a friend in a park can change your entire day or mood. 

17. Stop living in 2016. Just stop with it. We're in 2017 & we're moving forward. There is no need to keep looking back. We can't change the past but we can shape the future. 

What do you want to let go of in 2017? 


  1. I'm pretty sure that I need to stop doing every single one of these this year.
    I couldn't agree more with the harm of comparing yourself. On to a better 2017, I say! :)

    Christie's Take on Life. xx

  2. what a great post! you are so right, a lot times we need to stop certain things so we can be happy!

  3. Yes, these are awesome! I needed to read that one about not rushing in the morning!!