Goals for 2017

Happy New Year! Crazy to believe that 2017 is upon us. Our New Year's eve was spent staying home and watching Jungle Book. Low key and simple. Than I spent New Year's Day putting away Christmas and we did our usually tradition of going to Benihana's for lunch.

But now that we have a New Year upon us, I want to write down my goals to look back on. I really want to focus on these goals throughout the year. I believe as we get older the more goals truly mean to us. 

Goals for 2017 

1. Health: I say it every year but I really want to succeed this year with this goal. My brother is getting married, we have lots of trips planned, and there really is no better time. I am not getting any younger and the weight wont come off any easier than if I just buckle down and do it. I am hoping this little space of mine will become a great place to document that. 

2. Focus on my marriage: Alex and I have both said it. We want to focus on our marriage, build a strong and healthy relationship with each other. Do some fun adventures and love more than ever before. 

3. Pay off all our debt/save: We've been saying this but we officially have a plan. Last year we paid off a large portion of it but now we are buckling down and finishing this goal. We also want to save money, I already started following a plan that adds up to saving $5k this year. 

4. Start my dream: I've had this dream I have been wanting to do for a year or so now. I think this is my year to follow it and watch it succeed. Don't stress, I promise to share it with all of you in time once I get all the kinks worked out. 

5. Read: I want to read more. I am not sure I even truly finished a book last year. 

6. Get back into blogging: I miss blogging and reading old post. Also, as stated above, I want this little space of mine to be where I document my fitness journey. 

What are your goals for 2017? 

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