June Goals

I feel like I say this as each month comes to a close and a new month begins. Where in the world is the time going? I swear I honestly have good intentions of coming back to this little corner and one day I will. 

I want to share with you all about Rustic Pineapple Boutique that everyone keeps asking. I seriously love it. I do answer everyone slowly, well at least I try too.  If you messaged me and I have not answered you back yet, please send it again. I promise I am not trying to ignore you. 

Well it just wouldn't be a new month unless I set some goals right? 

[June Goals] 

  • Daily Devotional : I need to continue and finish my daily devotional. I do well for a week or so than I fall off the wagon. I really need to stick to it. 

  • Log my food: I have truly fallen off this track.I really need to get back to it to keep me accountable. It's amazing how something as simple as tracking my food can make me feel 10000% better. 

  • Clean up the house: I need to get back to scrubbing and deep cleaning the house. I was doing well for a week or so than I stopped and everything was mayhem. 

  • Grow Rustic Pineapple Boutique: Thank you to all of you who have placed an order with me. I truly hope you love it too. Please share a picture and tag us in it for yoru chance to be feature and for a chance to win $100 shop credit. 

  • Set Working Hours: My other job truly has gotten out of hand since I am focusing on other things currently. I really need to set working hours and stick to them to get things ton so I do not feel overwhelmed

I am going to keep it simple this month as things are about to shift again in this household. Hopefully now that I wrote these out someone can hold me accountable for it all. 

What is  your June goals? 

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