Week 2 of Journey Back To Jessica

Say what! I didn't write a single post last week? 
I told yall it would come & go & here we are into a new week & have no idea what even week it is now. 
Want to catch up, read this one & the first week 

Let's back up to the last weigh-in. Honestly, I keep a note on my phone with this so it is very easy to tell. Last time I shared the weigh-in, we left off on September 7 so we will start there. (woah that was 10 days ago) 

September 8: 173.3
September 9: 174.7
September 10: 175.1
September 11: 173.1
September 12: 174.2
September 13: 173.4
September 14: 171.5 

This just shows you how much weight can fluctuate. DO NOT USE the scale as your ONLY form of progress. It will consume you and you will be extremely mad. As you can see I supposely lost 2 pounds between Friday and Saturday, more than likely that was just some extra water weight. 

I honestly have been half-assing all of my stuff. My water hasn't been the best. I do really well with my food until about Thursday/Friday then it's all out the window and I pick it back up on Sunday. It is a struggle. I know that is a HUGE reason why I am not having the best success but even with the little bit I am doing, I am showing improvements that are fantastic now just to buckle down & do it all together. 

So week 2 weigh-ins are behind us. Time to focus on what is ahead of us! Time to get in that water. Make the best food choices & move!! 

Until Next time Friends 


Checking in for week 2

Here we are again. Just checking in.
Last week went well. The scale moved a bit than the weekend came. 
Read last week's update here

Over the weekend we went to dinner twice. Friday and Saturday night while both nights I didn't eat terribly nor do I think I overate but Monday came and I didn't jump into it again. I kept going like it was the weekend. My biggest downfall is thinking every day is the weekend, well my food choices like it's the weekend.  Not to forget, we blew that goal of eating each dinner at home. Friday night was a pass though because that was for Hubby's work but Saturday night we went out as a family so maybe we could use that as a pass too. I also didn't focus on my water intake like I do during the week. 

So here we are on Tuesday of week 2. We are back in action of drinking our water, eating our nutrition program which has incredible help cut the sweet tooth. We even managed to create a pumpkin protein shake. Recipe to come. 

Today while at the gym this guy was amazing. It really reminded me that even at his age he is seeing the importance of moving your body and taking care of yourself. 

I was doing swings and he kept laughing while watching me. It truly made me feel amazing that he cares. Yes, he is only 5 months but he cares and he loves it. The gym will be a place he can be comfortable in and enjoy moving his body too. I don't want him to think it's a punishment but as a blessing that he is able to work out. 

So here we are just cursing through week 2 of this journey & still moving! While the scale might not be moving I know we are on the right track!! 

Stay tuned for the pumpkin recipe, my week of dinners and another weight update!! Make sure to read about week one, goals for September, and follow along on my journey on instagram where I share so much more! 

Catch ya next time! 


Week 1 Of Journey Back To Jessica

Guess who has lost some weight already? 
It is so crazy to me when you finally focus on something how rapidly things can change. I am so excited to see what else can happen. I do need to do some progress pictures though because weighing yourself off the scale is probably the worse way to track progress. I would highly recommend pictures and measurements over scale weight. 

Today marks 1 week since I decided to jump all in. It wasn't perfect but I was consistent with my choices. I drank my gallon of water each day, drank my shakes which I absolutely love. The plant-based strawberry is definitely a top favorite. My protein coffee shakes every morning seriously help the sweet tooth. I have also been drinking a cup of bone broth each day and I am starting to think it's truly helping. Dinners were simple yet delicious. 

I am going to share with you my weight. Now please be gentle as it is tough for me but I think it will bring it all full circle if I want to continue sharing my story. It should be noted, I do try to weigh myself first thing in the morning every day so it is semi-consistent.  

September 1: 176
September 2: 175.7
September 3: 174.8
September 4: 173.7
September 5: 174.1
September 6: 172.5
September 7: 174.1

Now I was expected to be up this morning as last night we went out to the Sugar Factory for hubby's work and I ate all the things & tried the drinks. Therefore, I missed some of my usual water, my healthy foods and more. This though shows you that life still happens. We still are human and living. Hubby and I even shared some Mcdonald's fries which is an old favorite of ours from when we were dating. All the extra salt + coffee + lack of water = weight gain according to the scale. Do not let this discourage you!! 

This coming week I am going to focus on my water again, moving my body for 30 minutes a day + my dinners. Be more mindful of my portion sizes. 

Week 1 is over. Onto week 2. Cheers! 

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Goals for September

Well, I made it back on this blog before the end of the month. *insert clapping hands*

I decided to dedicate the month of September to my fitness journey. I am 13 lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight! My goal is to lose this weight and some. I had the idea by my 30th birthday next month but because I decided to screw around the last two weeks of August - I am not going to push to lose 13 lbs in September. Instead, I want to focus on healthy choices + moving my body & see how much I can lose before that big day. 

Today was really day 1 for me.  

My goals for this month:

-close all my rings on my apple watch each day. (the excersize ring is extra difficult for me on days I am not at the gym but I am going to hopefully get in at least a 30-minute walk each day) 
- Drink a gallon of water 
-Make dinner each night at home. This should help with spending money too. 
- Really focus on Isagenix nutrition system to give it a fair shot. -- while I started this back in July I lost about 10 lbs already so I know this works! 

I know the last 10 lbs of pregnancy weight is the hardest to lose. 

So here it goes, the month of Septemeber and the Journey back to Jessica.   Hope to see you stick around & follow along on this journey! 


Cheers To September

WOAH! Can you believe I actually opened this little corner again & started typing? 

I can't believe it either, but here I am. 

Don't expect too much from me or this space. It won't be anything fancy! 

I just figured September is
 the month I am going to dig deep! After all, 34 days until my big 30th birthday! 

I want to share my journey of weight loss, running three businesses and having a newborn. Well, Cash is already (almost) 5 months! Where is the time going? 

September 1 - I am getting back into drinking a gallon of water a day. I also weighed myself this morning eeek. I will also be taking some pictures probably tonight to be able to share in 30 days at the end of the month of how much progress I have made. Feel free to follow along on instagram  or I will try to update here often. 

Cheers to September! New month. New Goals. Same me trying something new. 



Hold on everyone, I am blogging again this month! Say What! 3 times in a month, I might have to hold on to the rest of my posts for July. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things between work, life and everything else.

Summer is finally here. Anyone else wondering where in the world did the time go and how are we already half way through 2018? I can't complain though, over all it's been a good year and I am thankful its moving fast. I would love though for it to slow down a bit to enjoy these summer months. 
Shirt // GI Jane 
How perfect is this shirt for any occasion this summer? I always love a good camo shirt but that American Flag pocket totally makes it. Gives me all the heart eyes!  

With Summer here, I am ready to make a summer bucket list to really make the best of it! 

Summer Bucket List:

Go to a country concert
Go to the the fair
Go on a three dates with the hubby
Spend a full day swimming
Take a full day off from work 
Go on a date downtown (Old town or Seaport Village) 
Take more pictures 
Go on more dates with my girlfriends
Continue to grow Rustic Pineapple Boutique 
Go on one vacation
Plan our fall vacation 
Save some money 
Go to a Padre Game  
Be Spontaneous 
Go to the movies (preferably the luxury theater) 
Enjoy Summertime 

I honestly have the best friend. We spontaneously went to Kenny Chesney concert last week just the two of us & loved it! Kenny was ok but Old Dominion totally rocked it. I would love to see them again. I cant wait to see what memories we will make this summer! 

What is on your summer bucket list? 



It was 2013 and I started thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. At some point I suppose we all have this idea. Right? Like when exactly are we going to feel grown up? It had been six years since I graduated highschool and two years since I graduated college. I thought we were suppose to have it all figured out when we graduate college, but the truth is, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Yes I had a degree in something that I thought I might want to do. I still sometimes think that I would be a good person for HR work. 

Meanwhile, it seemed everyone around me was starting their own business. I was 24, newlish married, trying to survive deployments, and so much more. I had no idea about starting my own business or anything along those lines. SCARY! So, I began throwing the idea around to everyone I knew about opening my own boutique. Everyone was so encouraging and willing to help. So many said to follow my dreams and pushed me to continue to do it. I than pushed it to the back of my mind and thought maybe one day. Meanwhile, people were asking me where I got my clothes from and instead of saying oh this boutique, or from here, why not just say from my own boutique. I thought I could put my good shopping skills to good use. 

Fast forward, 2017 I really began researching the start of my own business. I started watching youtube videos, googling everything, saving good information and so much more. I even made a list of things I liked and disliked from other boutiques to make sure I included it in my own such as free shipping and excellent customer service. I even started to think of names for my store. This was the hardest part. I brought it up to a friend and she thought I wanted to change my blog name again. Oh no! That is staying and I am even trying to bring it more back to life.

Example of names we thought:
Blushing Pineapple
Ten Thirteen 
Dirt Road Boutique 
Blue Pineapple 
Purple Pineapple
Crazy Coconut  

Ultimately she said Rustic Pineapple was more me, fits my personality and I really like the way it sounds. 

Now to February 2018, I was sitting around one night working thinking to myself this cant be all there is to life. Working and more working. I sometimes enjoy my job but sometimes I am so over it. So I decided to take the leap of faith and apply for my tax ID, my resell permit, buy the domain, and the website. After that, it was no turning back. I needed to find what I want to carry and narrowing down my customers wants and needs. I worked more from February - April than I had in a long time. 

Than came, April 12, 2018 I finally decided to announce it to the world. First day went great! I honestly could not have asked for better support from family and friends. Thank you to everyone who supported me. 

Of course than there is the hype of a new store and everything else, reality sets in! Is this really the best idea? Was this the best move for my family? I suffer from chronic anxiety. Some days are great and I think I can do this. I can make this work. Some days I really question it all. Is all this hard work really going to pay off? I lay in bed at night tossing and turning thinking about it all. 

Today marks two months since I announced it to the world and I can honestly say I am so blessed with the success I have had even with my anxiety. So many things have sold out, are almost sold out and so much positive feed back. I also just added a sale collection. Use code SALE at checkout for additional 15% off the already reduce price. I could not ask for better two months of starting a business so many people dream about. 

The point of this post is to say, if you have a dream, Follow it! It won't come easy, you will have days of doubts and discouragement but know you are doing what you love and if you truly believe in it and put in the work, great things will come! I still have super bad anxiety about it all but I am hoping soon it will all fade away. 

Happy Two Months Rustic Pineapple Boutique

Meanwhile, I would love to put more pineapple packages in the mail to you! I promise you'll love it. Everything comes with extra treats. Provide the best possible customer service and always free shipping to you within the United States and military Po Boxes! (If you ever have any questions, please email me or message me on fb) 

Use code SWEETLIFE at check too for 15% off the entire site!