How Him & I became a We

Rewind to a few months before - We met May 30,2010. and from that day I always said I was going to marry Alex. I always knew I was going to marry a blonde with blue eyes (but how did I know it was going to be Alex..I just knew), but my parents on the other hand did NOT believe me. Well I guess I won that bet!
Here is us on the first night we met
From that night on, we were just in separable!
The following weekend- we had front row at a Tim McGraw concert!  (still no first REAL date but I guess we live in a different world these days- who needs a first date?)
After that concert- we became an item (even though I knew in the back of my mind he would be deploying come Thanksgiving) So I figured I would just see how it played out- we spent the summer together laughing and hanging out just as any normal couple would get to know each other. School started & his work times were a mess- yet we managed to make it work!

Now after a few months- its November.
The weekend before the proposal- he took me back home with him to meet his family! It was fun, but it was bittersweet because I knew deployment would be coming up quick considering this was his leave before deployment. After the trip, I had to return to school like any other week. 

   The day. It was Thursday afternoon, I was sitting in class texting him to make sure he packed everything up and was ready for our trip because we were going to DISNEYLAND! It was Alex's first trip there and my million one ( I have a season pass) but I wanted to make it special for him (I guess He got that memo and it was more special for me) We left for Disneyland a little bit late but what's the rush, we just had to check into our hotel and hang out that night before our BIG day!!! We get up there and it's cold and chilly. Alex decided he wanted to walk downtown Disney. (If anyone knows me, I hate weather below 80 because I freeze to easy & this is November in California I was not happy). All I did on the walk was complain about how cold it was and how my feet/back hurt and if we could just go back to the room because I was not excited about downtown Disney (Totally forgetting the idea that it was Alex's first time) So as the loving man Alex is, he gave in and let me go back to the room but not before stopping to get pretzels and slushies.Back in the room, I was laying on the bed and Alex asked me to stand up. I had no idea why in the world he wanted me to stand. Its a hotel, not great tv, nothing exciting to do, its like any normal hotel just because its Disney doesn't mean its fun! So when I finally decided to cave and stand up. He said "I have a super cereal question - like REALLY cereal question" and I'm thinking what in the world is so serious that he has to say all this to me. I finally realized he was standing/sitting on one knee with ring in hand. "Will you marry me?" Apparently I said YES! &
That is how Him & I became a We
We're Engaged!