Fun Fridays

Finally it's Friday and last day of February which means the hubby comes home late tonight. I sure hope I can stay up to pick him up from the airport. I've missed him this week. It's been awhile since we've spent time apart and I can say it's a good thing but I do miss him.

and finally San Diego is getting some much needed rain which means break out those hunter boots that have been hiding all season long. 

Monday was full of work. I am starting to hate work more and more as each Monday passes. I can't wait to go back to just Tuesday & Thursdays since I am so busy at home with work too.  

The good news was I got to move back into my room. I hulked my bed back in by myself because I was sick of sleeping on the living room floor but the rest of the room I am waiting for the hubby to do. 

When they are all done you must wash the floor repeatedly to get all the dirt & crap they left behind.

Tuesday was my mama's birthday. Old lady she is. 

Also it was the day Cali officially became mine. We waited the 22 days and no one claimed her so I did what any good fur mama would do. I took her to get her shots, chip & a new collar. 

Wednesday Eli was sick. I worked as usual. It was nothing exciting. 
Thursday was a repeat of Wednesday but I did manage to look up a flight to move my baby sister out. I can't believe it's getting so close. 

I am planning on being back in full force to bloggyland come Monday. I am focusing on myself for March and no spending. 

Can't forget the important part of this week. My favorite liz is hosting a giveaway that I really want to win. Head on over to her blog to check it out and enter. 

Off to enjoy this rain and work. 
Counting down until hubby is home. 

Happy Friday! 


So What Wednesday Hump Day

This week I am saying So What Life After I Dew

that we are going to get some rain finally.
I am not one to complain typically but this winter is so dry and so summer feeling that I am dreading summer 100%. Not to mention I am not even close to summer body. Therefore the 3+ inches of rain we are predicted to get this weekend will be welcomed with open arms and I am planning on just staying home & cleaning. Maybe we can catch a few movies or watch a few we own that we haven't seen yet like Turbo. 

The floors are done but I haven't moved back into my room 100% because the hubby is gone this week. When he returns we shall move back in and get my life back on track just in time for March 1st. 

That is my hump day. Cant wait for March to get here & refocus & chase my dreams


Weekend Fun: Shakes || Baby Showers || New Tanks

I can't believe we are in the last week of February.. Where is the time going this year
Cynthia will be visiting me in less than 30 days, my husband is gone this week, my floors still aren't done, the new software at work is a pain in the @$$, i haven't lost any weight and I officially can say I am in over my head. help anyone? 

I am slightly over sleeping on the living room floor with all the dogs and cats. I want my own bathroom back and kinda upset Daytona was rained out. Over all though my week flew by as usual with no sleep. 

Friday: I spent the day working and the hubby brought me home a yummy shamrock shake. (bad for diet but so yummy for your tummy) I honestly can't remember what we did but I can grantee you it wasn't anytime special. 

Saturday: I spent the day getting ready for my cousin's baby shower. He is having a boy & naming him Tyler John. The baby shower was wonderful. Hubby worked all day. I spent the afternoon at my aunts & than off to dinner with the hubby and aunt & uncle before he left for the week. 

Sunday: I saw 3:15 am to take hubby to the airport to go on his adventure this week. Prayers are welcomed as I can't say what he's doing but know he is chasing his dreams and I am praying for nothing but the best for him & this week. I know if he gets this he will love it even though I know it is a HUGE life style change. I finally got my toilet back in my bathroom and should have the green light to move back into my room today. (praying) 

They obviously don't care where I am suppose to sleep & who ever said putting your bed in the living room is like camping is full of crap. I am over it. Lastly, Finally I wore one of my new tanks which a coupon code will be coming your way in the future. I am working with Danielle now to figure it all out and details of it all. If you don't want to wait you can head over to her site now & order a tank at a great price.  

How was your weekend? 


Thank Goodness For Fridays

Thank goodness for Friday ... I have missed blogging and the last two weeks have been nothing short of crazy & sadly I think this coming week will be just as tolerable (I should be moving back into rooms this coming week). Nothing to crazy happened to report...the only thing is I am working on my eating & getting back to using my fitnesspal 

Monday was a day off & we spent it doing errands and getting things done. Than back home to trying to survive my crazy house with 7 dogs, 5 cats and 4 people living here. How do I survive each day without a drink in hand? Oh ya because I will be on a cruise ship again in 239 days! 

Back to my week, did you see Kailyn is doing a March Mug Swap? I love coffee mugs & I can't wait to find out my partner. If you haven't signed up yet, you still have time (sign ups end February 28)

I have a secret obsession with lion king - probably my all time favorite movie EVER

Tuesday was work all day as usual with little ones & I found out my DVR hasn't been recording teen mom 2 which means I might be watching it online here shortly.  

Wednesday was another day of going to appointments & work from home. We have a new software & honestly I have no idea how to use it. Let's hope I figure it out sooner than later. 

Thursday, can you guess? Work with the littles. It wasn't that bad considering I wasn't playing teacher - I was an aide thankfully. Than home to do some work & off to Costco, target & finally got the best chicken soup when you're sick! 

I did get some mail presents though. I ordered these workout tanks from Blessons Apparel (you might of saw on instagram) & I am 100% in love. I can't wait to wear them to workout & do a blog post. I have my eye on some others as well. Which is your favorite from the shop?

Friday will be full of work again & hopefully running by the feed store because we can celebrate that Cali is officially mine forever! We have waited 22 days (law by California when you find a stray pet) & now I can chip her & call her Cali & she shall be mine. (1000 points whoever can name that movie)

(yes my bed is in the living room now)

See what I mean by Thankful it's Friday. 

How was your week? 


Weekend Recap: Valentine's day || Pedicures || & More

Another week has past us & I still do not have any floors. Have no idea what I am talking about.. check here to read all about it! The tile man said by Friday for sure, but than again he said that last week too. 

Today is President's day which means NO work but lots of errands and getting things ready for the week. We're not here to talk about my week as how awesome my weekend was even with everything going on. 

Friday: Valentine's day
I took the day off from working at home because I was sick. I had a slight fever of 99.4 but I couldn't get rid of my headache and I knew I just needed sleep for the first time in forever. 

Hubby did manage to bring me some pretty flowers, card, chocolates & a Minnesota Vikings bracelet to support Wounded warriors. 

Than we all went to go get pedicures. It was much needed & amazing. 
I made crock pot cheeseburger meatloaf for dinner & becuase I wasn't feeling well I was in bed by 8:30pm. 

Saturday was a day of cleaning what I could & cooking lots of food. We decided on steak dinner for Valentine's day but because we were busy & not feeling so hot we waited. So happy we did because it was yummy. I even got coconut oil to saute my veggies in now, How did I ever live before?
Saturday night we watched About Time. It was a good movie. 

Sunday we spent the day at home picking up, doing laundry, & getting ready for the week. I made this pasta yummyiness and we randomly decided to go see Endless Love. I must admit it probably is my new favorite love movie.

Weekend was amazing over all. Love spending time with the family at home & just because she is so dang cute.. Cali thinks she is Trigger sleeping on the chair.  

How was your weekend?


My Life Is A Hot Mess

Some of you may wonder why I just vanished yet again this week. It truly wasn't my plan but last Wednesday when I was told we would be getting our tile floors this week, things got pushed around and now I am coming to you from our entrance way. Meanwhile my hubby & I are living out of the dining room & Eli & my dad are living out of the great room. (we haven't moved beds just yet but that is another case of mess) The cats stay locked up in my room during the day until they get to my room & I have to find somewhere else for them to be & the dogs are outside & Cali is crated unless I am home. 

To say the least, my life is a hot hot mess these days. I am praying that we will have it all back together by Monday night so we can start next week fresh & ready to go! I have learned time management is the key to success. 

This is what our floors will look like

Until my life is back together I will be living in this shambles of my house. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Happy Hump Day! 


High Five For Friday

Wow I couldn't be more thankful today is Friday.. 
I got lots of work to do & lots of things happening around me. Happy Friday! 

High Five For Friday

1. My mom uses facebook & it cracks me up. Some of her post are adorable & she's so supportive. It's weird to think almost a year or so ago she couldn't even use a smart phone & now she has an iPhone & a touch screen laptop. Go Mama! I love her.  

2. I read this & instantly thought how judgmental people are. The funny thing is that everyone sins eventually in their life as no one is perfect so why judge them? 

3. Tuesday night while hubby was in class both of the puppies were cuddling with me. Cali on one side & Trigger on the other. My world is complete with them & the hubby! 

4. This is going to be my motivation to get my booty into gear. I have about 7 months to lose this weight & get bikini ready! Think I can do it? I know have a puppy I am going to need to run so I feel like running will be in my future. 

5. Love good mail days. I finally got my new journal to track everything I need to in my life (food/plans/ & random notes) & this awesome license plate frame for Rafiki. Next time we drive her & uncover her she will get it on.  

My week went & I can't say it was amazing but it went & I am glad it is the weekend. We are very busy this weekend & a big shout to the hubby. He is turn 24 tomorrow! Happy Birthday Hubby. I love you. 

How was your week?? 


So What Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! 

Welcome to another edition of So What Wednesday

This week I am saying So What to not blogging. It's not that I don't have anything to blog about because it was super bowl weekend, i have monthly goals, I am changing some things in my life but honestly it's because I have been super busy. We got home late Sunday from my aunt's house & my work schedule changed. I used to have Monday's off but now I am working Mondays, Tuesday & Thursdays. (Boo - I hoenstly can't wait to stop working Mondays again or just not work at all plus I work at home almost full time if not more & still have my family & hubby time) 

I am hoping to start scheduling post a bit more & maybe even learning how to use my macbook pro laptop since it just sits, I don't even know the last time I turned it on. (oopps) 

So What Wednesday

What are you saying So What to this week?