Weekend Recap: Teeball || Turkeys || Fun

How is it already Monday? These weeks are just flying by and that means tomorrow is April. Eekk - I need to step my game up to lose this weight. Anywho, with it being monday, that means I am at the preschool. Cy is back in Minnesota. Our weekend was good though. 

Friday: We spent the day working at the preschool, running errands, finishing up work at home, we managed to get a walk in where I found some turkeys that live with chickens and rabbits and watched Catching fire. I hate how it doesn't follow the book but I guess it is a movie. Overall I would say Friday night was amazing. 

Saturday: We had teeball bright & early. Than we came home to do some cleaning and hanging out. Alex & Cy had this wild idea to go skydiving and that is what they did. Meanwhile, I went to my aunt's house for dinner & drinks. 

Super soft & loved them so much I will be ordering more.

 Remember how I told you Eli pulled his tooth out... here he is with no front tooth

Sunday: Cy left back to Minnesota for 12 days until I go back to move her out to Cali. We went to costco, got the acadia washed & got ready for the week. 

Monday: Preschool || Gym || Teeball 
Tuesday: Work || Gym || Appointments 
Wednesday: Preschool || Gym 
Thursday: Work || Gym ||Start packing 
Friday: Preschool: || Gym || Clean the house 

I failed last week and only hit up the gym like 3x while cy is here so I am hoping I won't die too much now that I am adding cardio to the mix. Stay tune tomorrow for a post about my first phase of Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer program. 

Happy Monday


Happy Hump Day

It's Hump Day! Another edition of So What..

So What ... 

-I have yet to post anything good lately with awesome pictures 
-That I am extremely excited to hit up bed bath & beyond today 
- That I am going to my sister's school meeting with her to make sure it's the right choice 
- That I am taking a week off soon to move my sister to Cali to live with me forever 
-that I have almost completed phase 1 of Jamie Eason live Fit Trainer program and I have yet to blog about it, but you can follow along on my fb page
-That I have yet to answer comments from Friday - so so sorry. The end of the months are extremely stressful for me. I promise to answer them all 
- That I am in need of rearranging the room now that the new bed set showed up. 
-that I have so much clothes that I am really thinking about getting rid lots of it. Platos closet here I come 
- That my best friend is moving on from Bebe which means I will save money from shopping 
- That I already planned another vacation for the hubby & I in December
-That I have fallen off tracking my food but I really need to get back to it
-that I am actually excited for next week to start cardio in this program 
-that is all I have for you today 


Most Boring Post Ever

Once again I am the most epic failed blogger. I did not take pictures besides one of my new bed.That is here nor there. I promise to start getting better with this whole thing. 

My weekend was okay. It went extremely fast for once and I think it was because I didn't spend anytime at home really. 

Friday: I got off work 15 minutes early to go pick up a Reese's cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory for sister's boyfriend 21st birthday. I raced home & than I sat around my house all day waiting on Jerome's. If you follow me on twitter than maybe you saw my rant about how much I was very unhappy with them. After waiting all day, comes to find out that my new bed set was back at the warehouse and wasn't getting delivered like they promised. I am thinking the truck driver was scared of the dogs. After waiting around all day, I ended up canceling the order because no one was being helpful and I was just getting mad because of their lack of communication. 

Saturday: I got an email saying they made a special route to deliver my bed because of their mess up even after I had canceled my order. See why I say they lack communication. Eli had teeball, my sister's flight was delayed and we had plans to go to my aunt's house for dinner & drinks. 

That night we finally got the bed though. I love it. It is super tall so I have to get a running start and the mattress is to die for. I don't think I have ever slept that hard in my life. 

Sunday: We ran around getting hubby everything he needed for work Monday than it was off to the Lady A concert. 

Monday: Work all day & the gym. 

Here we are on Tuesday and working away again.

Tuesday: Work || Gym 
Wednesday: Work || Gym|| Teeball Game 
Thursday: Work || Gym 
Friday: Work || Gym  


Friday Letters

Dear Friday, Normally I love you but today is different. I actually have to go into the preschool today for work. Dear Jerome's, I was super excited to get new bed & get cy a bed until I got the email saying you'd be at the house between 10-2 yet I said please make sure it is anytime after 1. Obviously we don't listen so now you much get the wrath of jessica. Dear Cy, You will be here tomorrow. I am so excited to spend a week with you which will include lots of gym. Dear Alex, I love you even though you take up most of the bed and kick me in the middle of the night. My lack of sleep is probably due to your sleeping habits but it's okay we will adjust that shortly with said bed above. Dear Cali, Why are you so crazy at 5:30am? Sometimes I really just want a relaxing morning and not have to tackle you across the house because you are crazy. Dear Weekend, I am excited. We have big plans this weekend. Dear weightloss, Please start losing some weight. I tried on those shorts yesterday and was not impressed even though people say they can see a change in my body, I can not! Dear Bloggy friends, Thank you for all the sweet comments. I love reading them all and answering. Please make sure you are not a no reply blogger. 

This weekend:

Friday: Work || Hopefully new bed & relaxing 
Saturday: Cy flies in || Teeball || Aunt's house 
Sunday: Gym || Car Wash || Lady A concert 


Spring is Here

Who knew Spring has arrived? The birds are talking and the sun is shinning, oh wait! I live in San Diego. It seems to always be like this every day. We didn't get much weather difference between summer, winter, spring and fall. I am expecting summer to be blazing hot as balls though so stay tune to find out.

Happy Spring! 

and because the bikini challenge starts tomorrow 

Keep it short & sweet today as I need to finish up some work and get things done because we have a busy weekend starting tomorrow.

Happy Thursday! 


So What Wednesday

I am bringing you another edition of So What Wednesday on this beautiful Hump Day!  

So What...

  • I thought today was Thursday or Friday just to find out it truly is hump day. Way to go hump day to ruin the fun at 5am. 
  • I am finally using my facebook fan pages more & I can't seem to get any followers. Go figure right? I guess its better than not using them & having tons of people on there. 
  • I finally did a side by side of my progress since March 5 & you can see the difference even though I have yet to lose any weight 
  • My Cali girl won't get her stitches removed until Monday afternoon - who wants to make bets that she'll have them out before than? 
  • My sister flies in Saturday morning & I am recruiting her boyfriend to pick her up so I don't have to waste the gas 
  • That I pretty much have the rest of the year planned out with vacations - BRING IT ON! 
  • that I am not really sure where this post is going so therefore have a great Wednesday! 
Just because we all love to laugh


Swimsuit Season Is Around The Corner

Some of you might think I am crazy for doing this but let's face it people summer is ALMOST here. Unlike all those gym rats though, I have not been working on my summer body during winter months until recently, as in I am 3 weeks into my new program.

I am teaming up with Jess, Marcy & Val for this awesome swimsuit Challenge. 

My goal by October 1st is to lose 30 pounds and it is completely doable if I stick to my workouts & eating "clean." I am hoping to document this process but if I so happen to forget to do so on this blog.. come follow the path on Journey Back To Jessica

Do you want to join in too?

The rules are simple

1. Get a really small bikini.

2. Take a picture in this really small bikini

3. Work your ass off for the next 90 days before summer to look beyond sexy in this really small bikini laying on the beach

The girls will be checking in weekly on their blogs so make sure you follow each of them for some motivation. You are welcome to check in with them weekly, biweekly, monthly or just once at the end. The reason for the before picture is for you to see how much you can change in just a short 90 days. 

For this challenge I will be finishing Jamie Eason live Fit Trainer program that I am currently on with taking one week off to move my little sister from Minnesota to California. I have recruited the husband to go to the gym with me to help me with the workouts so I do them correctly. 

Come join the fun & let's rock this summer. 


Weekend Recap: Post With Lack Of Pictures

I am here to confess and epic blog fail.. I didn't take pictures every second of this weekend to show what I did. Please accept my apology for this weekend. 

Friday:  I can honestly say we didn't do much. I worked during the day. Finally caught up on ALL my work that needed to get done before the weekend started. 

My babies are best friends. Yes that is Cali and Trigger laying together and Simba on top of the pillows. I am so happy that Cali is returning to normal and should have her stitches out this Friday which means she will be ready to play with the others at the doggy day camp when I board her. 

Saturday: The hubby had to work all day so it was just E-man & me. He had his teeball pictures which he just happens to have lost his front tooth this week. [The tooth fairy forgot to come Thursday night for him so she magically appeared Friday morning while he was getting dressed to give him $1.52] & than later in the day we had a game. Otherwise I just hung out at home, got some cleaning done, and watched lifetime movies. I know, don't get too jealous! 

Sunday: This was the day of all days. We hit the gym right after breakfast. I officially completed day 15 of Jamie Eason Live Fit program. Hopefully soon I can do a post before I get to far and forget. You can follow along in my journey on my page. After the gym, we hit up GNC which marks the 3rd time I have gone to get the cookies n cream quest bar and no luck! Anyone want to mail me one? I will love you forever!! I really want to try it before I order a whole box from Quest. Than it was off to Costco, where we spent $400 on things we needed. Thankfully this only happens once every 6-7 months so it was okay. Once home, I was talking to E-man about the chicken house we saw and he said he wanted it. So insert Costco trip #2 to buy it + catching fire + tortillas.  

Over all the weekend was great. I am happy to have my dog back to normal. Happy to start week 3 of the program. 

Coming this week:
Today: Work || Gym || Teeball game
Tuesday: Work || Gym || appointments 
Wednesday: Work || Gym || maybe dinner date with the hubs? 
Thursday: Work || Gym || probably bed early
Friday: Work || Gym || Clean || get excited 
Saturday: Sister will be here to visit! 

Ps. Happy St. Patty's Day! Sadly, I will not be taking part in green beer because this girl is trying to build her summer body in the weeks we have left to build it. 


Some Simple Letters

Dear Cynthia, I can't believe in a week you will be in my house again. Let the madness begin. Here is to finding your future and finding happiness. Dear Alex, as much as I wanted to punch you last night because you wouldn't move and your dog wouldn't shut up, i love you. The gym with you is fun. secretly I guess I look forward to it sometimes. Dear Workout, we have past week 2 and Sunday starts week 3. I can't believe I am actually sticking to this and praying I start to see some changes soon. Dear Sleep, I really wish we met last night. This whole thing of not going to sleep until 4am really makes for a grumpy person in the morning. Please lets meet today early. Dear Cali, I am so happy to see you finally doing better. The first few days home were a bit rough but I am glad to see you perking up a bit and finally eating. I promise you it's for the best for all of us. Dear blog, I am loving being back full time now. Thank you to all the readers and the sweet comments. Dear weekend, you are full of teeball stuff. I can't say I am excited about it because it seems to go way to fast but I know that means I am that much closer to seeing Cy next weekend. 

Happy Friday Ya'll


When I Was Your Man

Do you love country music? Who am I kidding, who doesn't love country music? Recently one of my favorites, Sara Evans came out with a new cd. I just so happened to be listening to her cd release party on XM radio on my way to the gym and couldn't believe she sang When I was your man. It probably is my new favorite song. If anyone knows where I can download this please share. 

That is all I have for you today. 
Back to work I go.
Happy Friday Eve


So What Wednesday - Randoms

This week I am saying So What If...

I am not really sure what to write about so I am going to throw together some randoms for ya. 

  • My poor baby girl was home yesterday for not even 30 mins and was throwing up. we had to wash the dog bed, clean the floors and make sure she was laying down. Later she crawled under my bed and didn't move until this morning where it all repeated again. She has yet to eat and the pain pills I got her she wants nothing to do with it. 
  • Meanwhile when she was under my bed, you bet I was laying on the floor for a good hour loving on her. I felt much better after the kisses. 
  • Yesterday was day 10 of the Jamie Eason program. I have yet to lose any weight but I am loving lifting and hoping to start the weight loss soon. Two more weeks until i add some cardio to the mix. BRING IT ON! I am hoping to start blogging about it soon but I am making sure I am sticking with the program first
  • I am thinking of changing today and tomorrow out because hubby is super sick and I am super tired that it might be best to just do day 11 tomorrow instead of half assing it today. 
  • My dream is to start running sometime soon. I want to be able to run a mile again than I will go from there. Maybe even get one of those nike plus watches
  • I am only working the preschool 2 days a week now. I am loving it! Thank you Jesus I don't have to be there so often
  • My baby sister will be here a week from Saturday... BRING IT!! I can't wait to have her here than two weeks later she is moving with me. 
There you have it. Some randoms for this hump day. 


Reasons I Decided Today Would Be a Good Day

ps. she looks like she hasn't been brushed her but I promise she has been groomed since this picture

Today is the day. My baby girl Cali is going to get her woman hood taken from her! 

Reasons why I decided to get her fixed

-Have you ever smelt a dog in heat? They smell so bad. 

-I have all male dogs ever (she's my first female) & I am not sure I can deal with the blood everywhere 

-Our friends female dog bleed through her bed and wasn't a fan of the diaper, this is NOT okay with me. 

-If we did decide to breed her I would need to get her DNA test to make sure she was 100% husky 

-On that note: the vet she went to Friday doesn't think she is 100% 

-Let's say we had puppies, I would be that crazy fur mama asking people where they live? What do they do during the day? What are their plans with the puppy? Do they know what husky's like to do? Any wrong answers would lead me to many more puppies at my house because I don't want to just give them to anyone.

-I fall in love with puppies so easy it would be hard to place them in homes and let them go 

-if you fix your female dog while she is in heat it cost twice as much as just waiting until after heat (I don't even want to deal with one heat cycle) 

-the biggest reason I am fixing her: When she goes to boarding next month she gets to play in the day camp with all the other dogs. 

If you find time today, please say a little prayer for her that her fixing goes well and she heals quickly. This is a first for me to have female dog so I am hoping it's just as easy as the males. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! 


Weekend Update: Teeball || New Shoes

Welcome back Monday.. Glad to see you to show up said no one ever! This time change is really messing with me and I am not a fan of the sun not coming up until I am about ready to leave for work. I guess though the extra day light will allow me to get serious about my work outs. Follow Journey Back to Jessica for more frequent updates on how I am doing.   

My weekend went way too fast as usual. I relaxed and can't say I was extremely productive but sometimes weekends like this is much needed.  

Friday night it was opening night for teeball. I can't believe we are back in baseball season. I was super tired and didn't feel well so I was in bed by 8pm and slept a solid 12 hours.  It felt amazing. If only I had some black out blinds than I might of slept longer. Next thing to buy are black out blinds. Of course my baby girl slept with me the entire time. She is the best! 

Saturday was first game of Teeball. Than E-man got to spend the night with aunt Amanda while Alex & I did us things. Things we used to do all the time and no can't do. We drove around until we figured out what to do. We went by the outlet mall, went to a running store, went out to dinner than came home and it was quiet. 

Sunday we hit up the gym. Completed day 4 & Day 8 of Jamie Eason program. I got new shoes while at the outlet and fell in love with them. I really need to get rid of some of the others. Meal prep for the week and enjoyed every last minute of Sunday. 

Over all the weekend was a success. 
How was your weekend?


Friday Letters are Back

Dear Friday, Thank you for coming to give me a much needed break. Dear Weekend, please don't fly by like you normally do. I would love it if you took your time. Dear Time Change, I am not a fan of you. This whole I am going to lose an hour of sleep is not okay because I got things to do and this now means I will be awake at 330am instead of 430am. Dear Waking up early, I secretly love you. It gives me time to get things done but at the same time why do I always seem like I am rushing when it is time to go? Dear Alex, I am hoping we have a fun weekend. Glad to see you are feeling better and I couldn't be more thankful for you going to the gym with me. Bring on week 2! I love you. Dear Cali, I sure hope you don't hate me when I board you. It is for your own safety and the safety of the family so I don't ninja kick them for you getting out. I know you will have a blast. Today we are going to take a tour of it to see how you are with being there and praying you get to play in the day camp. Dear Workout, I am extremely sore but I am excited to see what happens in the next few weeks. I am hoping to start losing some weight and fitting back into my clothes. Dear Work, I am so happy I only worked 2 days this week at the preschool as it is giving me the time to catch up on the other work and reducing stress. Dear Cynthia, You will be here in a short 15 days for a week. Another short 34 days and we will be starting our adventure across country together to move you to California. I can't wait. My dream of my little sister living with me is finally becoming true.  


Just Wanted To Say Welcome

Since I have gained a lot of new readers I thought it would be perfect to reintroduce myself and to say hello to all of you. 

Welcome to Wifesticated. 

I am the brains behind this operation and some call me Jessica. That man up there calls me wifey. I call him Alex or hubby. We are a Navy family.

I am 24 years old and we have been together almost 4 years  (May 31st) and married for a year and half. I fail at recapping it but I promise I will get to finishing it.  

We live on a dirt road in San Diego. 

I am a step mom to a 6 year old name Eli. Sometimes you will see me talk about him but for the most part I try to leave him out of it. He does say some funny things though and we do lots of sports and fun things. Currently we are in baseball season and he is sporting #10 on the Blue Jays.

I am a fur mama to six dogs, five cats, a fish, and a bird. Eli takes care of the crabs. In my opinion the crabs are the worst pet possible. They are so boring and you never know if they are alive or not. Next time, we will get a tortoise. 

I am a preschool teacher by day and a medical biller by night. My dream would be to raise a few more rugrats and work from home for some type of HR company. I am undecided on getting a masters program or not. 

I am a sister to the best little ever who is moving in with me April 7. We are driving across country together from Minnesota to California so stick around to find out how that trip goes. 

I am addicted to shopping, Starbucks, Dr. pepper, green tea, ice cream, Land Sharks, reality tv, a good nap, and a good adventure.

Lately I am into the gym and getting my life back in shape.

I love meeting new friends so don't be shy. 

I say grab a drink and hang out a bit.  

Thanks for coming by..Happy Thursday!   


So What Wednesday: Honest

Happy Hump Day Ya'll! Can you believe we've made it to Wednesday and everything is still in tack & we haven't gone for a dr.pepper or a land shark? Ya me either! Remember that time I was addicted to Bud Light Lime, don't worry if you don't but geeze I do miss those too! 

Anywho this isn't a memory lane post about things I miss (another post for another date) we are here for hump dayyyyyyy So What Wednesday !! 

Life After I Dew

This week I am saying So What to throwing in the towel when I feel like I have given it my all. 

I am giving up on thinking I will have this spotless pinterest loving house. Let's get real, I live with 6 dogs, 5 cats, and 3 men/boys plus many other animals. I am the ONLY female in the house for the next 5 weeks and it is a full time job to clean up after everyone. I will never have that pinterest house that everyone repost because my house is my home. My closet is too small, my bedroom is funny shaped, my kitchen can fit one person, the paint is faded yellow and yet I am happy because it is exactly where I love it and I am making it more and more how I want it. 

I am throwing in that white towel on friendships that just need to sink. I am at a point in my life where I am extremely happy with the friends and family in my life. I know who will be there for me when the storm gets intense and I know who I can call for an hour chat when the hubby isn't around. I have the best girlfriends any girl could ask for and the most amazing husband. 

I am cutting ties with work. It is so stressful working two jobs and such that I am just going to do the best I can each and every day. At the end of the day I can say I tried than that is all that matters. 

This week I am saying So What to things stopping me from finding peace within myself. 

This post came to me one night in the middle of the night and it struck a cord with me. I have been thinking about it ever since and knew instantly it was the perfect topic. Here's to being open, honest and raw on this blog. 


March Goals

March is upon us and I started to realize that I do much better when I set small goals and hold myself accountable. So here I am sharing my goals for the month.

March Goals 

... No soda: This will be extremely difficult as I am addicted to Dr. Pepper but I know in the long run it will be the best. 

...Drink 60 oz of water each day: This is hard for me because I just got over water. I drink 48 oz no problem than all of a sudden I stop. It will take some time to get used to this again

...Track my food for the entire month: Thank you to Fitness pal to be able to do this and realize what I am feeding my body 

...Go to the gym with Alex: He has agreed to workout with me to give me that extra push and so I don't feel so awkward in the gym 

...Lose 10 lbs: I know this is a lofty goal but I will be over the moon for this. I will be excited if I lose the 5 lbs I gained when I stopped going to the gym than I will go from there. 

...Blog continuously for the month: I want to grow my blog. I want to write more. I want to document my life a bit more and I really want to document my fitness journey. 

...Read two books: This is hard for me because I am stretched so thin throughout the week than I am just a bum on the weekends. So with being a new month here we go! Currently I am reading The Mistress from James Patterson  

There are my goals and I am praying I stick to them. I am ready for this month to be something new and exciting.

What are your goals?


Weekend Updates: Rain || Mud || Gym

Monday we meet again.. This time it's the first Monday of March. I am hoping it's the beginning of something new and exciting. 

My weekend started rough

The hubby was delayed until late Saturday night which was depressing because I really wanted him back home, but none the less the weekend started.

Friday I did the usual. I went to the doctors to find out some depressing news (more on that later). Than I worked almost 12 hours. Isn't that exciting stuff? 
But we did get over 3 inches of rain though which was needed and I was happy to break out my hunters and play in it.

I did manage to make some banana bread. 

After all that I was in bed reading The Mistress on the iPad. So far the book is good.

Saturday was suppose to be Opening day for teeball but due to the amount of rain we have received that was canceled. Secretly I am glad it did because I didn't want to go alone. We hung out at home all day cleaning, reorganizing and letting Cali run the yard. I have turned her into a house dog because I know huskys love to run and I don't want her to get out of the yard. She was one dirty puppy playing in the mud. 

With every life that ends - a new life begins. When we put my Harley boy down, I always said I wanted an apple tree in his remembrance and here she is blooming again. I am so excited to start getting some apples on there.

I also managed to put this kid to work. We squeezed orange juice. 

Hubby landed about 11:30pm and has been sick ever since. 

Sunday was a normal relaxing Sunday. We filled in some holes the dogs dug, started laundry, took a nap, went to the gym and costco. Yes you heard me right, we went to the gym. Alex agrees to be my personal trainer to help me lose this weight. (I will blog about it more later) 

Over all I can't complain about my weekend and I am so excited the Hubby is home. 

How was your weekend?