Christmas Card Time

She does live
Yes I am still alive and around. Just lately things have been happening and sadly this little space of mine has had to take the back seat. I am still planning on writing some but for the most part, the rest of 2014 will be focused on my family and enjoying the last 10 days of year. I am planning on coming back in 2015 with lots of post, so please hang in there.

Well what other way to pop in than share our family Christmas cards now that they've been mailed. They were made by the lovely Tiffany Kuehl Designs. Tiffany really went above and beyond what I had asked her to do. She personalized my cards for me and her printing company is amazing! We ordered my cards on a Wednesday and they were at my door by Friday. If you need anything done such as blog designs, invites and or business cards, go check her out!  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from my family to yours! 


Changes Happening

I posted yesterday about dreaming big and things taking time. It was more of a rant for the day than an actual post. 

Today I want to look at how far I have come in these short months. The scale has gone down a bit nothing drastic for me to brag about but it has moved in the directions and that is what matters most to me. 

The picture on the left was Thanksgiving day this year and the picture on the right was our family pictures on August 31. Two weeks after that picture was taken was when I first stepped foot into a private gym to get my life in order and I have fallen in love with it more and more every time I go. 

The gym for me is like therapy. It's a place I focus on myself for that hour of the day. I only see my trainer 2 days a week but I am going to make goals for myself to do things at home. I want to be able to hold a plank for 3 minutes at least while currently I can barely hold 45 seconds and don't ask me to do two more planks. I want to be able to do push ups and a pull up for the first time in my life. I want to go down by 2 pant sizes. These are all my goals but currently I am going to celebrate the same difference I have noticed already. 

2014 is ending very soon but that doesn't mean I can't make 2015 my year to shine. 



Dreaming Big

Last night while in Costco getting our Christmas tree, I noticed a couple looking at marcos on the back of the turkey burgers. We started talking about marcos, raising chickens and where we live. They seemed really nice and it was their first day counting marcos. It got me thinking about my dreams after she made the comment "I want to get in shape for myself this time." After she made the comment we chatted a bit more before we said our goodbyes and Merry Christmas. 

This leads me to my dreams. I have a dram to get in shape for myself too just like she did. I count marcos now but I do really well until about dinner time, than it all goes down hill. I have fall in love with the gym and weight lifting since I started in September. Things are starting to move in the right direction.

I need to remember these things take time. Lots of Time and Passion. I am going to have slip ups and things will get a bit crazy but that doesn't mean I can't pick up right where I left off. This is my journey and no one else's. 

Here's to making my dreams become reality

What are your dreams?


Life Has Been Crazy

Wow what a crazy week was last week! It was the end of the month for work (the busiest time of the month for me) and with Thanksgiving in there it was just that much crazier. Sorry not sorry I wasn't around these parts. Though, How was your Thanksgiving?

Now that I am back let me explain what has been going on in my little life. Let's go back a few weeks and I will start from the beginning. One Wednesday morning, I woke up and my throat felt swollen, my mouth was itchy and numb and I only ate whole wheat gold fish differently in my diet. Eventually the throat swelling went away and my numb/itchy mouth stuck around until that Saturday/Sunday. I also broke out in hives. This past week, I finally had time to get to the doctor and she basically screamed at me that I never went to the ER. Now I have to carry around my EpiPen and I get to go see an allergy doctor to really find out what cause all that.  Sounding exciting right? I guess that will teach me to stick to my clean eating diet. 

Thanksgiving was amazing day to be lazy. We slept in until 9am! I made pancakes for breakfast. I laid around on the couch watching extreme couponing until I felt like getting ready. We went to my aunts house where she made the entire thanksgiving dinner for us. It was bomb! 

I finally got dressed dressed, I didn't just throw on a jacket and jeans. It felt amazing! 

My aunt made these super adorable turkeys!

Than we decided to hit up the mall. We decided about 5 minutes before dinner was ready and the mall was opening in 30 minutes. So my aunt, sister and myself  inhaled our food and left to go shopping. We were at the mall from 6pm until midnight and we scored some good deals. 

We got iPads for $380, beats by Dre for $100, express was 50% off the entire store so I got a few new tops and brother some clothes, and my favorite Michael Kors was 50% off too so I scored a new purse, wallet and dress + top. 


Friday I went to costco to get the cookbook which has some yummy recipes in there and than my aunt and myself went back to the mall to exchange some things she bought. That night we had Thanksgiving dinner #2 (just ate left overs) and we decided to go to Kohls and get my friend some stuff since he is deployed. 

Saturday I stayed home and scrubbed the house. It took me all day but I feel so much better now that it's done. Than I wrapped my presents I got on Thursday and Friday. Now I am just waiting for the stuff I ordered online than I am finished Christmas shopping. 


Sunday was spent getting ready for the week. Pepper made her appearance in our house. This will be interesting this year. Any good ideas for Elf on the Shelf?