Hi ya'll! I can't believe we're already in the last week of April. These months are just flying by. San Diego is warming up and summer is around the corner. Did I really just say summer is coming already? We didn't get much of a fall/winter so I feel like we've been in summer all year long though.

I want to be honest, as usually I am, this blog has take a backseat in my everyday life. I used to blog regularly back in 2011-2013 or so. Matter of fact, I never shared my wedding photos, the details or anything like that. Fast forward to now, I want to bring it back. I want to share all my wedding info, recipes I have found and created, my love of fashion,opening my own boutique , how I mange to work 3 jobs, be a mom, wife, and friend. There's so much to blog about when I used to think there was nothing. 

I want my blog to come back alive and for it to be a place I can come and express myself to matter the issue, feelings or anything. I really do need to update it though. 

This leads me to, for the last month or so I have been extremely overwhelmed, anxious, nervous, discouraged and everything else. I am learning I am spreading myself way too thin and I really need to reel it back in and take a seat to focus on what matters to me. This is how I was feeling when I went on my hiatus of blogging a few years back and never really come back around. 

In the last month, I have learned a lot of things about myself. I work a ton. I do not take time for self care. I worry about everyone else first. My social life is struggle busing. Plus so much more. Yesterday, I decided I am going to just take the day off. Yes, I did some work but not nearly what I normally do and I felt so much better. 

Meanwhile, I brainstormed some ideas on how to balance my life and I want to share them with you. 

  • Go to the gym 
  • Take a walk with a friend 
  • Quit working for the day
  • Order takeout 
  • Binge watch your favorite show 
  • Read a good book 
  • Be lazy for a day 
  • Put your phone down 
  • Shut your computer off 
  • Go get a manicure and pedicure 
  • Get your hair done
  • Buy a new outfit 
  • Drink a glass of wine 
  • Make a lunch date with a friend 
  • Clean your house
  • Drink lots of water
  • Write your goals down 

Don't feel overwhelmed with summer coming. Take it one step at a time. 

What do you do when you feel anxious, nervous, overwhelmed? 

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Wow! What a crazy week it sure has been. Exactly one week ago I announced Rustic Pineapple Boutique. I am over joyed and humbled with all the positive feed back and encouragement from each of you. Thank you so much. It truly means way more than I could ever put into words for all the support and love. 

I kept everything really quiet for the two months or so it took to build everything together. I couldn't be more excited with how things are growing. The instagram account continues to get lots of love and shares, the facebook page is growing everyday and I am getting ready to launch the VIP group for all my Pineapple loves with special discounts and giveaways just for the group. I am so excited to share this brand I am building with each and everyone of you. I want to create a space where all women will want to shop to feel beautiful and confident no matter their shape.   

Our best selling Spring Time Dress is almost sold out. It is so exciting to have something so close to selling out. Get yours before it does sell out. My next favorite dress is the San Diego Dress. It is going to be the perfect closet staple this summer for all the swimsuit cover ups and looking adorable while out running errands. Just for today, all orders placed, I am giving away starbucks gift cards and use code thursday at checkout for 15% off your entire order. Always remember it's free shipping to you. 

Thank you everyone once again for all the love & support of my small business. 

update: join the VIP group on facebook to receive a code for 15% off, starbucks gift card & always free shipping to you!  

Enough of the Rustic Pineapple Boutique Talk. Friday was my favorite day of the month, the 13th. Just wouldn't be Friday the 13th unless something crazy happened right? Well, we ended up in the emergency vet with our baby boy Trigger. If you follow me on instagram you might of saw that his eye was all torn. Trigger and our other dog Jack got in a fight and once again Trigger lost. They had to do surgery and he's been in a cone since. I am waiting until possible Friday or longer to take the cone off just to make sure everything is healing appropriately.  

Than just wouldn't be a blog post unless I mentioned Hubby is off again on another adventure. This means I must go back to my eating healthy and workouts. I will get better about documenting it all. It will definitely help with the work load and self care that I have been slacking on too. 

Happy Thursday ya'll!   



In the beginning of January I wrote a post about my word of the year, Brave. I told myself I was going to be brave enough this year to set my soul on fire and follow my dreams. It's nerve wrecking putting that out into the world and not really knowing how I was going to do those things. I had no idea what steps I would have to take or even where to start with following my dreams. I just knew it was something I needed to do to build my tribe

Fast forward, February. After a lot of research and some chatting with friends, I decided to jump right into it. I decided I wasn't going to let the fear of failure keep me from chasing my dreams. Thankfully it didn't & I have such supportive family and friends because...

This leads me to, Today! I am officially announcing, 

Yes you read that right! I opened up an online boutique for woman of all sizes at affordable prices and always free shipping to you within the US. I want to provide every clothing style for all woman to feel beautiful and confident. 

I carry a variety of clothes for all at affordable prices plus for this weekend use code welcome15 for 15% off your entire order

Coral Reef  $28 

That is just a little preview of some items we carry. They are lots more on the site. We will add new items daily so always check back. 

Follow along on instagram and facebook for any special discounts, announcements and even sneak peeks as to what is to come to the site. 

The Rustic Pineapple Promise

I started this business committed to providing the best possible customer service, affordable pricing, and great quality for women of all sizes, to feel beautiful and confident. My goal is for every woman to feel unique, gorgeous, and confident and eager to wake up each day and ready to chase their dreams. This business started as a dream of mine many years ago and today it is flourishing into more than I could ever imagine. With all that, my photography team works very hard to photograph everything in real life and with real women, to show the best possible image of each item we provide. Thank you for supporting my dream and I hope to do the same for you. If you ever feel you need to reach me for anything, please do so at shoprusticpineapple@gmail.com

you can find the shipping and return policy on the site. 


Grab your coffee and or glass of favorite beverage & come shopping. Check it out. Let me know what you think. Don't forget to use code welcome15 for 15% off your entire order. 

I cant wait to continue sharing this journey with ya'll and I can not say thank you enough for all the support and love. 

Cheers. Love. Pineapples. 



Good Morning ya'll! 

I was cleaning up the good ol' blog and ran across this post where I talk about attracting my tribe. It's been almost two years since I wrote that post and I still find so much truth in it.  

Now that I am close to turning, dare I say it, thirty. Somethings still ring so true that I wrote about on my original post but I wanted to say it again. I have taken a hard look at the relationships in my life over the years and which ones I truly want to keep. Let me say, it's okay for friendships to end. It just means those people were in your life for that season and your season changed.Find comfort in knowing and believing it's okay to move on and move past.  

I still believe whole heartily that the energy and vibe you put out is what you will attract to your circle. If you are doing things that you feel are not you, stop! Change what you want to and keep doing what you believe in. Do not follow the crowd. Be the one person to stand out when everyone else is just moving along. With that said, quit your job if you hate it, yes you will find a new one. Move to a different town/city/state if you feel you're being pulled in a different direction or just want to get out there and explore. Get out of that relationship that you feel is tearing you down and just going from day to day. Find comfort in being alone and yourself. Follow your dreams!  

With my dreams becoming a reality and working hard towards them, I only want to surround myself with uplifting, inspiring people who work hard towards their goals and dreams as well. I want my circle to be motivating, encouraging, supportive and positive. Do you know what you want in your circle? 

I want to encourage you all today, take a hard look at your circle and really decide what people are bring you and what you need daily in your life. Cut out the negative people who are bringing you down and not supportive of what you are doing or your dreams. This could be hard at first, but remember you're doing this to help move closer to your dreams and goals. 

Lastly always remember, bring out all your positive vibes and you will attract a positive tribe. 

Happy Tuesday ya'll! 

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Hey Ya'll! I am sticking to my blog posting this month so far plus I am working on updating the blog. I am in need of someone who can help with that? Anyone out there want to help or know someone who can help? Send them my way please or leave their information so I can get in contact with them. 

I am working hard on a few things currently which sometimes leaves me feeling in a funk in the morning. Mostly the mornings the to do list is over flowing and it seems as I cross one thing off the list, than two more things are added. When I wake up in the morning in that funk, here are somethings I do to shake it and make the most of each day. 

1. Having a Cup of coffee or Your favorite beverage //

Something as simple as a yummy cup of coffee can truly change my mode. I love being able to sit down and enjoy it. My favorite days are the ones I work from home where I am not in a rush to get out the door and can enjoy it while it's still warm/hot. It is rare though to actually finish a warm cup of coffee before getting super busy. 

2. Read //
Lately, I have been getting up in the morning to read a few pages out of my book. I am addicted to reading from a real book and not just on my iPad. This also includes my daily devotional I am trying to finish. Anyone else like to read from a real book? 

3. Put on a cute outfit  // 
Sometimes all it takes is for me to put on a cute outfit and or workout gear and my mode instantly changes. It's like my mind knows something is about to go down. Also, changing from pjs to clothes help sets the tone for the work day.  

4. Light a candle //
I will light one of my favorite candles in the morning while I am doing my reading & enjoying my coffee. 

5. Do a quick workout // 
Sometimes I don't need to do a full hour or so but something as small as 10 minutes truly helps . It gets my day going and my heart rate up. Than I am ready and I know I can always go back to my workout once I get my to do list started. 

What do you do to improve your mornings?

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Here we go again. I am hoping as things are settling down a bit I can come back to this little space to share it all, after all I truly do miss blogging. It's going to be a very exciting month, I can feel it. Before diving into the month, I want to set some goals and hold myself accountable. 

[April Goals]


  • Spring Clean the House: With hubby coming home and getting ready to leave again. I need to go through everything and get rid of stuff. The cabinets are jammed packed and rooms are over following. 
  • Daily Devotional: I have slacked so bad with this. I started it in the beginning of the year and it just kinda sits there. I truly want to make time to spend 10 minutes a morning. 
  • Set Working Hours: I am terrible about working all the time. If I am not working than I am cleaning or something. I hardly ever take time for myself while home and I tend to work a ton. Meanwhile, I don't find it a bad thing because lately I love what I am working on (more to come) but I do know I need to set a schedule and get better with it. 
  • Log my food: I have slacked sine hubby coming home & heading back east (hopefully a post to come) that I have gained some of the weight back. So I know what works and I am going to get back to it.
  • Blog twice a week: I want to come back to blogging. It is tough as I said, because I work from home there really isn't much to chat about, but I am going to work on it. I am starting a list of topics in my phone to hopefully share. 
  • Grow Instagram: I have gotten better about this and being more active on there plus engaging in comments. It is my favorite platform so I am hoping that will keep me accountable. 
  • Clean up old post: I want to clean up the blog including deleting old post. Possible get a new layout, update pictures,and so much more. 
I am going to start April with simple goals. This should help get things back in order and set up a schedule for me. Also, I am going back to my happy planner to help get organized and stay on task. I have a bad habit of sticking my hands into too many things at once and becoming very overwhelmed. 

Tell me, What are your goals for April

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