Can Never Have Too Many

Ladies, I finally did it. I took pictures of my purses that I have been holding onto but NEVER use anymore. Most of these are either lightly worn and or never used. They honestly have been sitting waiting for a new home. 

All prices are listed and shipping will be $5 and I will include a tracking number - paypal only please and US residents. If interested please leave your email address in the comments with what purse you'd like (many of my comments come up as no reply and I want to be able to contact you). Once I send Paypal over, you will have 24 hours until I move onto the next person. 

If you don't feel like leaving your email address in the comments, please email me at wifesticated@gmail.com with what purse(s) you'd like. 

Also, I can send more pictures too via email and answer any questions you may have. I would love to find these purses a new home for the holidays.  

If you'd like more than one just let me know and we can work together and I will include shipping for free. 

Happy Monday Ladies! 


Coach Purse #1: $25


Custom Trophy Queen Purse (Never used) - $35


Bebe Purse - $10 


Juicy Couture - $25


Bebe Zebra - $20


Coach #2 - $20


Betsy Johnson Zebra - $25


American Eagle - $5


Coach #3 - $20


Express - $15


Coach #4 - $20


Coach #5 - $20


Currently // December

December is flying by. I can't believe soon we'll be in 2016. Slow down please, I want to enjoy the holidays. 

I found this link up from Kelly over at Kelly Lorene  a few months ago but I missed out on October and November. So here I am returning back to it for December. I am hoping next year I will do it each month. If you haven't been apart of it, I would totally suggest you check it out either on Jenna's Blog or Anne's Blog. 

WISHING // I am wishing for time to slow down to enjoy the holidays and for San Diego to decide to be hot or cold. I prefer cold but it won't make up it's mind. It was almost 80 degrees this week. 

REMEMBERING //  All the fun 2015 brought to me. Overall, the year was great and I am excited for 2016. Hubby & I have some big things planned for us. 

WRAPPING // More like I should be wrapping presents. I tell myself I like to wrap, but reality is I hate it. It's so time consuming and I really want to learn to make a bow to put on the boxes. 

BAKING // I need to get back to baking. I want to make some candy (home made almond roca) and hopefully some yummy cookies. 

DECORATING // I have lots to decorate. We just put our tree up so that needs to be decorated and Christmas decor needs to go up. I am excited for our new stockings too.

I am adding an extra one, 

PRAYING // Please keep San Bernardino in your prayers. It's about two hours from me, kind of hits home. 

What's going on with you this month?   


December Goals

Since when did it become December? I swear time is flying by so fast! Anyone else feel this way? 2015 is coming to end quickly. 

November Goals

I am going to be completely honest, I suck at goals. I suck at remembering what I write and what my goals I came up with for the month. 

In my defense, life has been super crazy. I feel like I am barely breathing. So praying this is a much easier month and I can accomplish my goals. 

December Goals:

1// Sell my old purses - So come back hopefully by Friday and I am going to sell my old purses for a killer deal. I am not even sure what purses I have anymore.  

2// Read - I put this on my list each month but I am serious. I really want to finish this book and start the new Nicholas spark book. I am thinking of buying his book on my kindle so I can go back to reading and walking on the treadmill.  

3// Do some sort of physical activity for 30 minutes - I need to get back to my home workouts! 

4// Organize my room - I need to get ready for 2016 as I know it's going to be a crazy year for me as the hubby & I have some big goals for the coming year. 

5// Bake - I want to get back into baking again. 

6// Grow social media - I want to grow my instagram account to 1k and my facebook to 500 ( I am so close) 

There you have it. Nothing too crazy as the year is coming to a close. I want to enjoy the holiday with the family and get ready for an amazing 2016 so I can get back to blogging! 

What are your December goals?


What A Great Weekend!

Happy Last day of the month.

I always get excited for new months. I am hoping to really stick to some goals as the holiday season is here!

How was your thanksgiving break? Mine was good, I love spending time with family and yummy food.  

Once again, I have picture overload some are from insta and some aren't, but I figured it's better to have lots of pictures than no pictures right?

1// I need this cup in my life. Anyone know where to get it?  

2// My sister is the best! I have been eyeing these shirts on Victoria secret for a while than I waited to get them in store and my store never got them & online was sold out. 

Also, the popcorn has been impossible to find. Luckily she sent me all 3 flavors. Anyone try them yet? 

3// I did do LOTS of online shopping this past week. I got my dad's gift, a rumba and of course now costco is offering a rebate on it so I will be returning to rebuy it at the lower price. It's $50 off and I got two 32inch samsung TV's for the little one room and the guest room. 

4// Holiday's don't phase her one bit! 

5// Now that I learned to really use my wand. I love it! My hair for sure curls way better after 5 days of no washing it. 

6// Thanksgiving was spent with family and lots of yummy food! I could eat stuffing, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole for ever! 

7// We went black friday shopping friday morning. I scored some movies, tested out some headphone and got a new fitness watch. 

8// The head phones went back. I wasn't a fan of them. Luckily though I scored some purple beat by dre headphones at Target and I got my trusted skull candy regular head phones! 

9// Alex dropped my keys and now I have a  1 legged moose. Poor guy! I guess it's a reason to go back to Minnesota to visit family. 

10// Broke Santa out of his box. So far the dogs haven't tried to eat him so we'll see how this goes over the month. 

11// G was trying to help me clean... NOT! 

Another busy successful weekend. I am ready to decorate for Christmas and get in the Christmas spirit. Also, loving that San Diego is officially on board with winter weather! 


A Public Service Announcement

I sorta of have a public service announcement and something that really grinds my gears lately. 

I am not saying stores should be open for the holiday shopping, but I am saying why are people freaking out? If stores choose to be open, than so be it! 

I am not asking for sympathy, but in the 6 years hubby & I have been together this would be our 3rd Thanksgiving together. The only holiday I know for a fact that he has been home for every year is 4th of July. 

He has missed my birthdays, his birthdays, our son's birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and way more. I never make a big stink about it. It's the life we are living. I am not saying it doesn't suck, because it does. It sucks more when people start posting pictures of their families together on the holidays and my family is missing a key piece. 

Currently, I have a best friend over seas, and this is his second year over seas during the Holidays. He doesn't get to sit around with us and enjoy a nice warm dinner and a warm bed. I always try to make it a point to send him a box of goodies because it's not fair but he NEVER complains about not being home for the holidays. 

Hubby's best friend and wife actually aren't going home this year for Thanksgiving as he has to work at midnight. 

So with all that said, just be thankful you have a job, a place to live, a warm dinner to eat, and send a little prayer for all those over seas who work EVERY holiday and or don't get the time off or can't afford to go home. 

Happy Thanksgiving!  


Hello Out There..

Hello Out there.. Anyone there? I know I said on facebook that I was going to be back last Friday but sadly life happened and I am here to send my sorry. If I said last week was crazy - it would be an under statement. 

So without saying too much more. 
Prepare for picture overload as I take you through what has been happening in my life. I am not exactly sure where we left off but I figured I would start way back when. 

1// I put on some real clothes for the first time in forever so obviously I had to document it for everyone. I really need to clean my mirrors too. 

2// San Diego finally cooled way down and I loved every minute of it. We even had to cover up the Trig who has no fur and no fat. 

3// We went to Garth Brooks concert in San Diego. As some of you know, we went in March to his show in Sacramento . He has been the ONLY concert we have been to this year. I am not complaining one bit. I love Garth! 

4// Found these delicious and protein packed food. I love my Kodiak Cakes, I just need to find some more recipes to use it with and make pancakes. Thank you Target for always giving us the best stuff. 

5// A little dirt road and new shoes always help make your days brighter. This is right outside my front gate. Yes San Diego still has dirt roads. 

6// I am loving this pre workout from Advocare. Also, the ginger bread bars are delicious. I will admit I have failed at trying the white peppermint shake yet, but I will this week and report back! 

7// I am still in the gym twice a week with my trainer. He is thinking of new ways to abuse me I swear. I will admit though I am getting stronger and building lots of muscle. So now, I just need to get my eating under control. 

A few of my favorites in the gym, sledge hammer swings and pushing that sled. Make sure to follow along in my journey on facebook 

8// Work has been crazy busy. I don't think I have ever worked so much than I did in the last few weeks. I am hoping it all pays off soon. I know it won't slow down either as I am becoming in charge of more and more for work. 

9// This guy hung out with me a lot while the Hubby was away for a few weeks. He sure does make me smile. 

10// I was bummed I missed out on Nascar this year. My brother and Dad rubbed it in sending me pictures of Junior. 

11// While everyone was out of the house, the sister came to visit me from Washington. I sure do miss her living with me. 

Mama came to town too. 

She always has to get bloody marys wherever we go. I find them nasty as I dont like tomato juice but this one had lots of fancy stuff in the glass. 

I got my Mai Tahi instead. 

12// It was cold enough to finally wear a scarf, a rain proof jacket and my uggs. I am so excited for winter and if we truly get all this rain they are saying we will get! 

13// While sister was here we finally got to go to the gym together. Arkitty is amazing in person as she is online. I know many of you follow her as she has had a baby and lost her weight naturally. She has runs some online challenges and I promise you all it's well worth it! 

Arkittyy is also offering 20% off her online training. Make sure you sign up with her! Summer bodies are built in the winter and I promise she is amazing! 

14// I met my nephew for the first time! He is adorable! 

15// Lastly finally, the hubby came home! I mean I guess I do a lot of things while Hubby is away but I am so excited he is home. We were suppose to go to Disneyland yesterday but it was so crazy busy that we drove up there than drove home.  

I am hoping now that life is settling back down that we can get into the swing of things between blogging, work and gym. Just in case though, make sure to follow along on instagram and let me know you did!! I would love to follow all of you back. 

Happy Monday ya'll!