A Public Service Announcement

I sorta of have a public service announcement and something that really grinds my gears lately. 

I am not saying stores should be open for the holiday shopping, but I am saying why are people freaking out? If stores choose to be open, than so be it! 

I am not asking for sympathy, but in the 6 years hubby & I have been together this would be our 3rd Thanksgiving together. The only holiday I know for a fact that he has been home for every year is 4th of July. 

He has missed my birthdays, his birthdays, our son's birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and way more. I never make a big stink about it. It's the life we are living. I am not saying it doesn't suck, because it does. It sucks more when people start posting pictures of their families together on the holidays and my family is missing a key piece. 

Currently, I have a best friend over seas, and this is his second year over seas during the Holidays. He doesn't get to sit around with us and enjoy a nice warm dinner and a warm bed. I always try to make it a point to send him a box of goodies because it's not fair but he NEVER complains about not being home for the holidays. 

Hubby's best friend and wife actually aren't going home this year for Thanksgiving as he has to work at midnight. 

So with all that said, just be thankful you have a job, a place to live, a warm dinner to eat, and send a little prayer for all those over seas who work EVERY holiday and or don't get the time off or can't afford to go home. 

Happy Thanksgiving!  


  1. This is so true!! I think it's always nice for people to be with their families too though. My husband works Christmas this year (he's a firefighter), so I'm super thankful he at least has Thanksgiving off!

  2. It's true. But I think there is a difference-life saving jobs have to be available all the time-it's kind of what you choose going into that job. Retail definitely does not-in anyway-have to be open on a holiday or 24/7. That being said, my company is open 24/7 too as we do computer support worldwide and it's only the US that celebrates a lot of these holidays. They just try to do shorter more sparse shifts so everyone gets to be home for some of it if they want.

  3. This is true and I have thought about that before. However, I think the real issue for a lot of people is the fact that retail stores are choosing monetary gain over family time and encouraging others to do so with their "best" prices.

  4. Very true. People never seem to remember that when they complain about silly things.

  5. I don't see it as a big deal if people have to work on Thanksgiving, either, and yes, it's coming from the same perspective of "hey, my husband has to work most holidays in a year" (nurse).Perhaps I should be a tad more compassionate on those who aren't used to that kind of deal?

    I think it's just good to remember that it's not a "right" to have extra time off work, it's something to be thankful for, not to complain about when you don't get it. Besides, who ever said Thanksgiving has to be celebrated on Thursday? My side of the the family usually got together and celebrated on a Sunday in November because they wanted Angel to be included. On the other side, my aunt is a nurse too, but works nights, so we'd have a morning Thanksgiving brunch. My sister works retail, so that fit her schedule well, too. It's pretty easy to work around schedules of people who work on holidays if you all live semi-close, or if those who don't have to work are the ones who travel. When people are actually overseas or in other states, then you learn that holidays without each other is a way of life. I'm 24, and this upcoming Christmas will be the first Christmas I've been with my parents since I was 17. Not something to complain about, but it's a fact of the life we've chosen.

  6. I love this! My brother in law will be at his base this year instead of with family. We all sent care packages and treats for him!

  7. This is totally true! My Dad is a FireFighter and we had to celebrate Thanksgiving Saturday with our family since he works today. My Sister is a AMR (ambulance) disbatcher and my brother-in-law is in Law Inforcement....So we are lucky when we are all able to be together on holidays!

    -Ashlee Michelle

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