High Five Friday

It's Friday! I am so excited to spend today with the hubby once he get's home from work. Hopefully sooner than later. This week seemed to crawl by..& i know next week isn't looking any different. 

High 5 for Friday

1. I made this yummy healthy pizza deal on a whole wheat roll up. It was so good. 

Love coming up with healthy fun recipes. 

2. Guess whose coming back to visit me? The little sister will be back for a week. Hopefully this is the LAST plane ticket we have to buy from Minnesota to Cali until she just moves to Cali. 

The best part of this, March 23 is kick off for concert season & she gets to be here with me! 

3. This just seemed so fitting in my life lately. Why chase people around who truly don't want to be in your life? 

4. I made it to the gym this week with a friend. I am so excited to get back in there & get down to business. I am hoping I can just kill it like Liz does every week. She is so motivated & determine. I can't wait to be able to fit into my older clothes that still have tags on them. What do you say that we make 2014 the year we get in the best shape of our lives?

5. My dad found this beautiful dog walking in the middle of a very busy road. When I got home & did some research - thanks to facebook - we have learned that she has been wandering around our town since Monday & no one has claimed her. 

She is beautiful & sweet.She had a collar but no chip or tag. She threw up some tinfoil which made me think she literally has been eating whatever she can find on the road. Of course I fed her, walked her, and loved up on her. The sad thing is, she would make my 7th dog if we keep her - I would love too but I know how much they LOVE to run & if she gets out again I would be so devastated. Hubby named her Cali. What to do?   

How was your week

On a side note: Finally it's raining in San Diego


So What Wednesday

This week I am saying So What to

+Alex will be getting his tattoo he has been wanting for years on Friday. I promise to take some pictures & my sister is trying to convince me to get one with her. 

+that I have so much work to do but instead I am reading blogs & writing this. 

+I really want some new clothes (shopping problems much?)

+Alex & I might not get our date time this weekend since it is Superbowl & the Seahawks will win.

+With that said though, I think Friday will take its place & we can run some errands as our "date"

+that I have yet to make my hair appointment that I need so badly 

What are you saying So What to?

Happy Hump Day! 



Family Photo Time

Back in December I had this wild idea to do family photos with my sister when she was out visiting. Thanks to Hey Jessie Photography for capturing these moments. I highly recommend Jessica. She is so hard working, loving & truly cares. We can't forget either, she is extremely affordable. 

Here are some of the family photos

Eli & Aunty Cy

Eli & me

my mom had twins 5 years apart & two different fathers?? hahah it's becoming a running joke in the family now

The family 

Typical of Alex when I am trying to talk to him

The 3 of us

The bond these 2 have is kinda scary.. they truly are like brother & sister

If only I did these before Christmas & did Christmas cards

& just because we do it EVERY year we take photos with Hey Jessie Photography.. we had to recreate this photo 

We have lots of photos & I like the idea of taking family photos a family tradition. Isn't my hubby one sexy guy? 

Thank you Jessica for all the hard work & taking photos of my family. Next year though, I want to be about 30 lbs lighter & in shape. 

Do you take family photos every year? 


Weekend Recap: I Got To Pet a Penguin

It's already Monday, Can I please have a day between Saturday & Sunday? It would be greatly appreciated. 

My weekend went something like:

Friday: I am noticing Friday's are turning more & more into a relaxation. We seem to be so tired to not even want to leave the house. As usual, we ate some dinner & tried to watch Turbo. I think if we weren't so tired we would of made it through the whole thing. 

Saturday: They have turned into our day to run errands. As usual, we went to Costco & stopped by target but they didn't have my sugar free coffee creamer nor did they have my green tea with lemon & white tea. Than some friends came by the house as he is leaving today for a deployment & we cleaned cleaned cleaned. I was out cold by 10pm.

 Sunday Funday: We finally made it to Sea World for the first time in so long. Alex & I even got to pet a penguin (if you followed along on twitter or instagram you already know)

Waiting for the Clyde & Seamore show

Walking around drinking a cold shock top = perfection

Than it was time to pet a penguin 

Meet Tut, He is about 30 years old & LOVES people

How awesome is this? San Diego is 1 of 3 places in the world to be able to see penguins. The other 2 are Japan & the wild. San Diego also is one of the only places that has successfully breed penguins & they are able to do this by mocking their seasons. Currently it is summer down there so it is very bright & still cold. It was 27 degrees in this exhibit. 

If you ever get the chance to go to Sea world & do the penguin tour DO IT!  

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap


Friday Letters Edition

Dear Alex,
I love you & I am so thankful we got new light shed on somethings this week & our Wednesday night dinner was amazing. I can't wait for our Sunday date with just us & some penguins.

Dear Work,
I am over working at the preschool this much. Can I please go back to my old schedule of just tuesday/thursday?

Dear Cy,
Hope you feel better soon. I can't wait for the end of March for you to come visit again than it won't be long until you are officially living with me. It will make us all happier

Dear Preschool Permit,
I sure hope you take the money order even though it was missing the CA on the front part of the order to part. I am one step closer. 

Dear Weekend,
I don't think I have ever looked so forward to a weekend. I can't wait to sleep in & hopefully catch up on somethings. 

Dear Weight loss,
We have met yet again. As per usual, it is a very much love/hate relationship. I am hoping I begin to start loving you some more as I truly need you in my life. 

Dear Readers,
Thank you for all the awesome comments & love. Hello to all my new readers & I am so excited to have you along in my journey. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Weekend.  


So What Wednesday + Blog Hop

Another edition of So What Wednesday but a special edition with the blog hop link up from Liz over at Fitness Blondie  that I am special enough to co-host with her this week. 

I am saying So What 

  • that today is Wednesday & I am loving this 4 day work week 
  • I am ready for the weekend 
  • that I have yet to hit the gym but I have manged to lose some weight 
  • that I am already planning my baby sisters 21st birthday next June 
  • that I have no idea what to blog about 
  • that I want to go visit my mom in Minnesota 
  • I can't wait for my sister to come live with me 
  • that I am thinking about deleting my facebook & the drama included 
  • that I am going to make this year about me & focus on me 

Remember to link up below & to say Hello to Liz - She is probably the bestest bloggy friend out there & I can't wait to one day visit her in the near near future.

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Happy Hump Day! 


Weekend Recap: Parent's In Town || Shopping || Beers || Friends

Is the weekend really over? Back to the grind we go..Back to clean eating & losing weight. This weekend was special, my parents flew in from Minnesota on Wednesday & we spent all weekend with them. I am sad they had to go back there, can they please move back to San Diego? 

my mission: Take more pictures

Wednesday night we all went out to dinner at Bj's restaurant. Thursday parents did their own thing as that's the reason they came to town. 

Friday: It was a mommy/daughter shopping date & did I make out! 

Under armour workout gear & sweats || Big sexy hair spray || under armour head bands || coach make up bag || michael Kors sunglasses & new card holder || Naked 2 eye shadow

After shopping it was home to relax & watch some tv.

Even Simba agreed it was time to relax
After they went to dinner with some friends, Mom & Dad came up to the house to surprise Eli & take him with to the hotel to spend Saturday together doing errands & swimming. 

Saturday: I spent the day at home relaxing, cleaning & we even got new toilets. [signs you are growing up.. you get excited over new toilets] than it was off to dinner with Mom while Dad does his homework 

After dinner we all went back to the hotel to say goodnight to Dad which than turned into going to the bar for a drink which turned into a few drinks 

Dad & I dancing

The boys 

At about midnight we left & drove the hour home.. well I did everyone slept 

Sunday: we met the parents in Old town & went to lunch before they had to catch their plane back to Land of the frozen lakes. Dad also bought me a anchor necklace which I am excited to wear

Monday: It was back to the grind minus everyone was home. Since I work at home Monday/Wednesday/ Friday's I decided to take today to clean a bit, do some laundry & do some work so I am not too stressed out. 

How was your weekend? 


High Five For Friday

This week has felt a bit different for me. Once I felt like my routine is back on track & I am ready to face it head on something throws it all off.So, since my life has been changing, I thought I would do a change up on my Fridays & do a high five for Friday. [first one ever]

Finally it is Friday, This week has been feeling like its taking forever..anyone else with me here?

Let's get right to the point, shall we?

1. It has been over 80 degrees here in San Diego. I would really like to enjoy a winter personally. Wear those hunter rain boots I had to have last Christmas. Give my skin a little bit of a break. I am trying to do a new skin treatment, we shall see how it goes. 

2. I made it back to the gym this week. It felt amazing. Between the clean eating & gym I am ready to lose this weight 

3. This is how I feel... My mom & step dad flew into town Wednesday & we stayed out late than. Than I had a rough morning on Thursday and ever since than this is how I feel.. I can't wait for my mother/daughter date though today

4. This said rough Thursday started with this guy wanting to take himself on a walk that lasted almost 6 hours. He sure knows how to give mama some gray hairs & bad anxiety attack. I am thankful he is back & home safe where he belongs. 

5. I got to preview my photos from my mini session with Jessica. I am in LOVE with them - all of them. if you need a photographer in the San Diego area who is extremely flexible, cares about her clients, & affordable, I highly recommend HeyJessie Photographer. I can't wait to receive them & share with you all. 

[picture of a picture on the computer]

There you have it. My first High Five for Friday post. Not the best but it's something right? I am hoping/ planning on taking more photos through my adventures. I should of taken some with the parents and cherish those moments. 
How was your week?

Have a great weekend! 


On This Journey

As some of you know I decided to take control of my life again & lose weight. Not just ten to fifteen pounds, I want to lose thirty-five pounds before October. I want to return to the weight I was and can remember being my happiest.  

In the last 15 months of marriage I put this weight on not because I didn't care, not because I ate everything in sight, not because I was unhappy and ate my feelings but because I stopped putting myself and my needs first. As any new wife, I put my husband and my family before my own personal needs. In the last few months I have learned I can no longer do this and I need to take care of me before I can take care of anyone else

my goal for this journey

  •  to fit back into my size 26 jeans with no muffin top
  • wear a bikini in the Caribbean in October & not feel gross  
  • fit back into all my clothes 
  • find self confidence 
  • find a new way to eat healthy 
  • fall in love with myself 
  • find true and pure happiness

This is just the beginning 

I am welcoming all of you to come follow along in my journey of finding myself again 

Last I want to leave you with a few of my favorites that inspire me each day that have touched my life if they know it or not 

Liz over at Fitness Blondie : we are secretly BFF's but I am not sure she knows it just yet. Reading aka stalking her blog has gave me so much insight and so much motivation, I have no way to say Thank you enough to her for that. 

Jessica at Jessica's Journey: This girl has left tears in my eyes reading her story & how dedicated she is to changing her life. 

Tiffany at The Momma Bear Diaries: She is always there to encourage me & give me that extra push. She is on her own journey & I couldn't be more proud of her. 

Jess at Operation Skinny Jeans: She is currently in her own mission to lose weight but she is so raw and real about it. 

Can't forget my biggest supporter my Husband decided to take on his own transformation this year and created Kings Fitness to track his progress & give motivation. Check him out  

Trust me, I have lots & lots of blogs/ facebook groups/ googling that I do on most days that keep me inspired but right now these are the ones that touch me the most. They are the ones that keep pushing me when I get to that rock. As Jessica from Jessica Journey/Fit & Fiesty once told me "if there's a mountain I want to climb, I gather the most important people in my life and we push each other to get up and over the climb. It's mental, its physical and the burn is the reward!"