Family Photo Time

Back in December I had this wild idea to do family photos with my sister when she was out visiting. Thanks to Hey Jessie Photography for capturing these moments. I highly recommend Jessica. She is so hard working, loving & truly cares. We can't forget either, she is extremely affordable. 

Here are some of the family photos

Eli & Aunty Cy

Eli & me

my mom had twins 5 years apart & two different fathers?? hahah it's becoming a running joke in the family now

The family 

Typical of Alex when I am trying to talk to him

The 3 of us

The bond these 2 have is kinda scary.. they truly are like brother & sister

If only I did these before Christmas & did Christmas cards

& just because we do it EVERY year we take photos with Hey Jessie Photography.. we had to recreate this photo 

We have lots of photos & I like the idea of taking family photos a family tradition. Isn't my hubby one sexy guy? 

Thank you Jessica for all the hard work & taking photos of my family. Next year though, I want to be about 30 lbs lighter & in shape. 

Do you take family photos every year? 


  1. Awww these are too cute!!! Love the ones of you & him together!

  2. These came out great!! You two really do look like twins! We don't do family pictures but I love the idea. That pic of you two is totally Christmas card worthy!

  3. I love all of these! My faves are the ones of you and your sister, the ones of Eli and Cy, and then the ones of you and Alex, so um pretty much all of them! ha. Where did you get your boots? I love them!

  4. awwwh! i love the ones of you and alex. <3

    p.s. to answer your question that you left on my blog a few weeks back...i'm majoring in business admin. :)

  5. Cry is a hookeface that didn't even want to see me when she was here :( ps I miss you!

  6. you and your husband are the effing cutest there is! And it is unreal how much you and your sister look alike, you guys really good could be twins... your mom has strong genes!

  7. The picture of you and your 'twin' is too cute! You definitely do look alike.