Weekend Recap: I Got To Pet a Penguin

It's already Monday, Can I please have a day between Saturday & Sunday? It would be greatly appreciated. 

My weekend went something like:

Friday: I am noticing Friday's are turning more & more into a relaxation. We seem to be so tired to not even want to leave the house. As usual, we ate some dinner & tried to watch Turbo. I think if we weren't so tired we would of made it through the whole thing. 

Saturday: They have turned into our day to run errands. As usual, we went to Costco & stopped by target but they didn't have my sugar free coffee creamer nor did they have my green tea with lemon & white tea. Than some friends came by the house as he is leaving today for a deployment & we cleaned cleaned cleaned. I was out cold by 10pm.

 Sunday Funday: We finally made it to Sea World for the first time in so long. Alex & I even got to pet a penguin (if you followed along on twitter or instagram you already know)

Waiting for the Clyde & Seamore show

Walking around drinking a cold shock top = perfection

Than it was time to pet a penguin 

Meet Tut, He is about 30 years old & LOVES people

How awesome is this? San Diego is 1 of 3 places in the world to be able to see penguins. The other 2 are Japan & the wild. San Diego also is one of the only places that has successfully breed penguins & they are able to do this by mocking their seasons. Currently it is summer down there so it is very bright & still cold. It was 27 degrees in this exhibit. 

If you ever get the chance to go to Sea world & do the penguin tour DO IT!  

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap


  1. How fun! I haven't been to Seaworld in a long time! Its only about an hour drive from where I live, so I need to make a trip soon!
    Those penguins are adorable!

  2. Those penguins are just so stinkin cute!! What a fun day to get to see the animals. I haven't been to a zoo in way too long. Love the pics of you two!

  3. Oh how neat!! 30 years old!? Wow! They live a long time!! That is SO neat!! They're so cute!!

  4. How incredibly cool that you got to pet a penguin!! They are so stinking cute!

    And I fully understand the feeling of Friday nights being a time for relaxation. We headed out on Friday night for a birthday and were ready to head home around 10...:)