If you want to know one thing about me, know that I love all animals. 

Meet Grizzly: The most loveable teddy bear around. 


Chewy reached out to me knowing I have lots of animals. Just incase you ever missed it, I have 5 dog, 5 cats, a blue and gold macaw, a fish, and 2 crabs. Recently we raised 20 chickens but only 18 survived. Also, in this month I have slowly been taking all the animals in for shots and check up since we found out Bandit has thyroid problem.

I also was informed to change the dog food and treats too. This is where Chewy amazing EVO: Wild Craving comes into play. Grizzly looks real big but in reality he is super picky when it comes to his food. 

These Wild Craving treats are amazing and smell delicious for him for him to eat. Plus the shapes always make handing out treats fun.

This is my old man Junior. He is probably close to 15 years old and is going blind and deaf but it's crazy to still watch him run and play. He loves these treats.

Trigger eats anything besides organic lettuce. Once he hears the bag open for the Evo he comes running and sits. If I am not paying attention to him he'll start to shake and making noises at me.  

Of course there is princess Cali. She loves all treats and these Evo Wild Craving treats are perfect for putting her in her crate. 

This is Cali's face saying Thank you chewy for sending my mommy these yummy treats. We can't wait to eat the entire bag and get more. 

Not picture:
Bandit was outside 
Cali jumping up on me trying to eat the treats
Triggy jumping up and down to get the bag off the counter 
Griz following me around the house 
All dogs sniffing the box 

Thank you Chewy for sending these amazing products at an affordable price to take care of my fur children. They are happy and healthy and looking forward to the future. 

*Product was sent to review from Chewy: All opinions are my own


Glisten Fit Challenge

When I first started to get into blogging other than wedding planning and trying to keep my brain straight, I fell in love with a blog called Lovely Little Things.Over the past four years, I have watched Jessica grow and follow her dreams into the fitness world. Since than she has rebranded herself as Glisten fit

Glisten Fit is a labor of love she pours her heart into each and every day for us. Also, it doesn't hurt she shares her fur children with us. When she announced she was embarking on the journey of an E-book, I knew I would be buying it the day it came out. I was not disappointed. 

Be Fierce. Be Fabulous. Be Fit. A girl's guide to living and loving a healthy life includes many tips on how to successfully live a healthy lifestyle. It includes a 28 day workout plan that Jessica does herself, 7 day meal plan guide to get you eating healthy and loving each day, 28 day challenge calendar to help you stay accountable each day. Also, for type A personalities like myself it makes it nice to check things off the list. Are you in yet?

Be sure to grab your copy of the E-book before the weekend is over to start with us May 4th for the very first Glisten Girls 28-day challenge. 

I am super excited about this journey and it's happening just in time before I head off to Vegas in June. Come join the fun with us starting May 4th for the challenge.

Are you going to join the Glisten Girls 28 day challenge? 


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It's Monday Ya'll ..

I am so excited it's Monday ya'll..I am that much closer to my husband being home again. We are single digit counting down now. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Also, Wednesday ends my first cleanse with advocare. It's an exciting week ahead for me.  

Thank you all for the sweet comments and concerns about Trigger. He did okay at the vet. When we first got there he was himself than he changed and wasn't the loving boy he is but I guess that is expected at the Vet. He got some shots, cleaned up some parts that smelt so bad, and was dewormed just because he is my hunter. He weighs 76.6 lbs and healthy and happy. Also, I found out his birthday is Christmas of 2011. I can't believe he's going to be four this year! Friday night nothing exciting happened.  

Saturday I woke up to the pleasant surprise of rain. We ate breakfast and sat around for a bit. Finally Sister convinced me I won't melt in the rain. We went to the mall, costco, and trader joes. I had to use up my $10 secret reward cards from VS so I got some new workout gear of course, a few swimsuits and my sister a shirt.   

I also stopped at yankee candle and got the most adorable Anchor cover. Plus the new beach holiday candle smells delicious. I am super excited that they finally started to make fragrance spheres. I got one for my room so I don't always have to burn a candle.  

We stumbled into Journey's and sister decided to get some converse to lift in. I was going to get some new Nikes but I decided it's time to just buy some lifting shoes too. After all, my gym is now considered an open gym and being bear foot isn't a great idea with weights falling. 

Sunday I spent the morning cleaning. Than the joys of working from home 3 days a week I decided to do some work to catch up since this is the last week of the month which means it is the busiest time for me. 

While I was on the computer working I started to dream of a vacation. We weren't going to go on one this year but than I realized we need it. We are thinking of Cancun, Mexico for a week in October. 

Suggestion on where to stay? What to do? So far, Costco seems to have really good prices.  

Lastly, Who has a fitbit? We should be friends. I am so excited they finally did some challenges, it truly does get you moving. What do you think of your Fitbit? Are you considering to get one? 

So tell me how was your weekend?


Friday Letters

Hey Friday, Glad to see you here. I am not excited that I have to go into preschool this afternoon. I am really enjoying not having to go the last few weeks though. Can't I just quit now? I have been able to get lots done at home. Dear Weekend, I am so excited you are here. I got not plans besides cleaning as usual and finally Sister is off on a Saturday so we can do our grocery shopping so Sunday is relaxing. Dear Hubby, Super proud of you and all the hard work you have been doing since you've been gone. Thank you for trying and keeping our marriage alive. I can't wait for you to come home though. I miss you. I love you. Dear Cy, Super happy you don't have to work anymore on Saturdays. Finally we get weekends back and can actually make plans now. Dear Workout, we have 49 days to fall in love and make things happen before Vegas. Let's do this! Dear Triggy, Your turn for the vet. I hope things are okay because I can't take anymore news. Simba is still a hard one to swollen knowing he has a heart murmur. Plus you are the baby of the family besides Cali but she's a princess so that doesn't count. Dear Readers, Thank you for the sweet comments. I am loving all of you checking out my little space and being interested in what I have to say. I am still getting a lot of no reply blogger comments though and I can't respond back to them. It makes me sad we can't all connect. Please check to make sure you are not a no reply blogger and or leave a comment on this post with your email just in case and I will let you know.   

Have a Fabulous weekend ya'll!
See ya Monday! 


Advocare 10 Day Cleanse

I have done a lot of different kinds of workout//weightloss ideas. Nothing really worked for me because I just have no will power. I love my coffee, cakes , cookies,ice cream, pizza and all bad foods. 

Than one day, I decided I was going to do it. I was going to jump head first into the advocare 10 day herbal cleanse. It seemed doable. I read a lot of the do's and don'ts before I even ordered. I planned out my meals. 

This past Monday I started the cleanse. 

The hardest part: Giving up coffee in the morning for the 10 days but I am surviving so far. 

The best part: Spark and still eating foods I enjoy. Yes they aren't the cookies, ice cream and etc but I am still able to eat chicken, veggies and lots of fruit. 

I will finish it on Wednesday and I can't wait to see my results. We are on day 4 and I have already lost 4 pounds.  

Check back next week for full results & tips if you are planning on doing this cleanse. 

Would anyone be interested in doing the cleanse June 1st -10th? 


10 Ways to Lower Stress Levels

Lately I have been stressed more than normal. I am not even sure why. It could be a mixture of things but this is life and we must move forward. 

I also must admit I don't handle stress too well. I get extremely overwhelmed than just give up on everything. Bad trait much?

But the good news is that I have been working on managing my stress and here are some of the tips that I have found work for me. 

1. Get Moving:  Working out // Running // Anything to get me moving always makes me feel better. Sometimes I just get up from my desk and walk around to give me that little breather. Companies like Oscar Insurance even have financial incentives for staying active. They provide health insurance in New York and New Jersey and reimburse their members for going to the gym and give them a free Misfit band so they can earn cash for meeting daily step goals. 

2. Take a Nap: I know as adults we feel like we don't have enough time in the day to get our things done but sometimes we have to step back and take a nap. 

3. Clean something: Having a clean space/house reduces stress tremendously. The less piles of paperwork and clean counters make me always feel better. 

4. Talk: Find a buddy and chat it up. Sometimes just saying what you feel// is on your mind can help reduce your stress. 

5. Vacation: We work so hard that we forget we deserve a vacation. I try to go on at least one week vacation a year out of the country with the hubby to give us that time to reboot. Plus, I am a huge fan of weekend getaways. 

6. Read: Sometimes the simplest things can be such a great way to de-stress.  

7. Shut all windows on the computer: Sometimes I get distracted by other things so much so that I have to close all my windows on my computer and just focus on work. 

8. Crack up the Music: Music is the best therapy - well probably close to the gym. I tend to turn up the radio while cleaning. 

9. Watch TV: Sometimes mindless tv for 20-30 minutes is a great way to reduce that stress. 

10. Make a To Do List: I am the type that makes list for everything. Something about making the list and crossing it off makes me feel like I have my world together. 

What do you do to mange your stress? 

Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month?
Me either, but it is. Spread the word.  

This post was inspired by Oscar Insurance but all context is my own.  


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Weekend Fun: Fish Tacos // Costco// MK Purse

Happy Monday ya'll! I swear weekends are going by faster and faster these days. 

Friday I didn't do too much. I worked and made my favorite dish Fish tacos. I also had to take Bandit back to the vet for a retesting of his thyroid. He's lost almost 30 pounds in a month!! I am so excited for him. 

Saturday I got up to go to the coffee truck with my sister at 6am and come to find out it doesn't open until 7 so we skipped it and she went to work at 6:45. I cleaned the house all day and watched HGTV as usual. 

I did happen to make this home made Herb Ranch dressing from Against All Grain. I had to make the mayo first than the ranch. So far it's pretty good, well see how it goes this week. 

Saturday night I did my grocery shopping for this week. I am excited to try some new recipes and hopefully clean up my diet alot. 

Sunday We tried to hit up target to get some of the lil stuff that was out. We got there at 8:45 and it was all sold out besides a few XL stuff and some expensive chair. Were people really that crazy? I didn't know this was a one time thing target was doing. I must live under a rock. Anyways, we went and got our nails done. Had lunch with my aunt and tried to brave Costco. It was crazy. 

I also got a new purse. I am tired of beating up my louie so it's time he goes back in the box to be protected for a bit. I've used it everyday since Christmas. I hope I can keep this new MK purse white and it's the perfect summer purse. 

How was your weekend?


Friday Letters

Dear Friday, You are going to be one busy day for me. I have the vet appointment, post office and lots of work to do before the weekend starts. Also, I can't forget that all I really want to do is quit on life today and just watch some tv. Dear Weekend, We don't have much planned for you once again but that is ok. I love weekends like this. I think all I got going on is grocery shopping for the big week next week when things start to change in our house. Dear Alex, I miss you more and more each day but with each passing day you are one day closer to coming back home. Also, this morning when I couldn't finish my pancakes, I wish you were there trying to sneak bites so it would all get eaten. I love you. Dear Self, You are enough. You are doing enough. Stop trying to change so much in your life because you won't like it. Just enjoy your life because when you blink it'll all be in the past. Dear Workouts, Thank you. I finally saw some of the hard work paying off from October to now. I hope that by this time next year I will see a drastic change and it won't just be a wish anymore. Dear Readers, Thank you for all the sweet comments. I truly enjoy reading each comment. Some of you are still set as no-reply bloggers and I can't write you back. if you know you have commented and have not received a response from me it is probably because you are a no reply blogger. If you have no idea, please leave a comment with your email address and I will let you know. Thank you for always stopping by and reading this little ol' space of mine. Thank you for being inspiration and support. I hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend! 

Happy Friday ya'll!  


3 Simple Things I Do Every Sunday

I was thinking what to post about today and I have a list going on my phone but nothing was speaking to me that said post this on Thursday. 

Than I remembered I wanted to share some simple things I do every Sunday to start my week off right. 

I am starting to like Mondays because it's kind of like a restart button. We all start new things on Mondays. 

The 3 simple things I do every Sunday

1. Change my bed sheets: Nothing beats having clean sheets to roll around in on a Sunday night knowing you have to wake up to an alarm on Monday morning. 

2. Organizing my pills: I guess there is no fancy way to say this but I do organize and put all my pills for the week in an M-S container. What pills? My fish oil, muli and cranberry. 

3. Clean my bathroom: I always clean my bathroom on Sundays. Usually it takes about 20-30 minutes to wipe everything down, clean the toilet, sweep the floor and clean the catbox. 

These 3 simple things that I do every Sunday make me feel like I have something in my life put together and ready to rock my week. 

What do you do every week to make yourself feel better about starting the new week?


Weekend Fun of A lot of Nothing

 I couldn't resist the camel. I mean who could resist him? Speaking of him, whatever happened to him? I never see his commercial anymore. 

Let's move on to how the weekend rolled out for me. Friday I had a meeting that lasted about an hour and half. It's crazy that I am old enough now to go to meetings. I am not a fan, can't I go back to being just an adult with no responsibilities? 

I loved my shirt from World Market. Speaking of world market, last weekend my Sister and I went and bought this adorable chalk board. 

I will admit I was too lazy to make my own so I just bought one. We bought some chalk board pens, she wrote because she has the better hand writing of the two of us and boom - Menu board is made. 

Hanging it though was a different story. It took some skills but we did it! Rest of Saturday was spent cleaning and organizing some parts of the house. I still have lots to do. 

Sunday I spent the day with my aunt getting massages and heading out to lunch. Also, my dad finally came home from his 3 week vacation through the Panama channel. He said he loved it so much he wants to do it again in 5 years. 

Monday it was back to the grind and started my 60 day count down to Vegas. 

How was your weekend?


Meet & Greet Blog Hop #4

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Monday Motivation

The best feeling is waking up on Monday the week of taxes and knowing your property taxes are paid and you are getting a refund from your taxes! Also, it doesn't hurt that I don't have to work today. Let's do this Monday thing... 

I don't watch Dancing with the Stars. I also normally don't watch too many videos on facebook because I am typically pretty busy. Yet, lately this video has been going around facebook and it intrigued me to watch it after I saw 3 of my friends repost it. 

Noah Galloway lost his leg and arm in a roadside bomb in 2005 in Iraq. This video is the story of him and the dance. This shows how he learned to accept his injuries and keep moving forward. 

Next time I want to complain that I am too tired, that I don't feel like doing it, that my weight won't come off, that I can't stop eating the crap - I am going to remember this! He pushed so hard and overcame so many obstacles just to have his life back. Now gets to dance on this show and share his story with so many others. It is such an inspiring story and amazing motivation. 

Have you seen the video?


Friday Letters

Dear Weekend, I am ready for you. The only thing I have planned for this weekend is to clean my house. I am so ready for it to be deep cleaned and hang up the new chalkboard menu. I am also hoping to get some reading in there. Dear Hubby, I miss you lots. I already counted and we only have 22 more days until you are back home for me to annoy you. Hopefully in those 22 days I can figure out this whole diet//food thing too. Thank you for being so supportive and loving. Dear workout, I frickin' love you! I love the gym but now it's time to get my food on track and get serious. Dear work, I have so much to do of you from home but I have been stuck at the preschool all week. I need to plan/ time management better or just not commit to so much in one day. Dear Sister, Thank you for all the help you do in my life. Yes I am a bit jealous of you han-gry sweatshirt! Dear Readers, Thank you for sticking by this week and for the sweet comments. As I have said before, if you have left me a comment and I have not responded back it's because you are set as a no reply blogger. I am super sorry, I really do try to answer them all.  I have big dreams for this lil ol' space of mine including a new blog design at some point this year. I can't wait to watch it all unfold. I am super thankful to Jasmine for all her work in the facebook group as juggling two jobs and being a mommy is hard work. 

I hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend! 

Recap of the week:
Meet & Greet Blog Hop
Easter Weekend Recap
April Goals


April Goals

I have this habit of writing out some "goals" on this page but then that is it! So this month I want to actually write out some goals that I can achieve and follow up with all of you.

+Drink 80oz of water a day 
+Save money & pay off some more debt 
+Workout 4x a week (anything at this point & 2 days is already covered by my trainer) 
+Menu plan for the entire month  
+Start & Complete the 10 day cleanse by advocare 
+Start & Read 1 book (preferably "It starts with food) 
+Get a fitbit & use it daily! I love my garmin but I need a Heart rate monitor 
+Keep up with cleaning the house // Deep clean 2 rooms 

I didn't go crazy with the goals but I think this is completely attainable. What are your goals for April? Remember to follow along on instagram to see how I am coming along with my goals for the month.   


Weekend Recap: Easter 2015

Mondays are having this trend where I seem so busy on Sunday's to write up a post than Monday morning 4am rolls around and I have zero time to write it up than. So Monday gets skipped. None the less though, here is my Easter weekend recap of the short weekend. 

Friday: I went to the gym. Usually I see my trainer Monday and Thursdays but since he moved I had to go Thursday & Friday. Also, anyone in the North County area looking for an awesome gym? Let me know, I would love to have you there with me! 

After the gym, I decided to make some dinner. Super healthy and super yummy. It is from a new cookbook I got awhile ago. I will be making this again in the future. 

Saturday I finally was able to take the acadia in for a car wash since our adventure to Sacramento

Than we ran some errands, got my sister her easter basket and hubby shaved his head! I actually love it on him. What do you think? Saturday night was also his last night in town for a bit so we did his last supper. 

Grocery shopping since we didn't go last week due to being in Sacramento. I love those trader Joe Yogurts! 

Sunday hubby left at 4am. Than Sister and I went out shopping. We got my Uncle this beer for his birthday and Sister experienced World Market for the first time. She is in heaven. 

After shopping, I made some almond milk and paleo friendly tortillas. I am planning on using them for buffalo chicken wraps and fish tacos this week. 

After a few hours home we headed off to my aunts for Easter dinner. She made these adorable bunny rolls. 

Overall, Easter was good but I sure did miss the hubby! 


Meet & Greet Blog Hop #3

Happy Tuesday!!!

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