Friday Quick Letters

Dear Friday, Why must you be here already? I am not ready to give up my week of no preschool. It truly reminded me why I really do want to quit and work full time from home. Dear Hubby, I love you. I sure going to miss you & I am extremely sad we won't be able to spend Easter together this year. Hopefully the next month flies by and we can be back together. Dear workout, I am so glad we are finally back together two times a week. I promise I am going to work on writing a workout schedule for home to get in at least 2 more times a week.Dear Food, I love you more than you know but it is time we break up so I can get my shit together. I promise we will reunite but only on my terms. Dear April, I sure hope you are a much better month than March. So far so good, but we are 3 days into this stuff. Dear Readers, Thank you all for the sweet comments. I tried to write everyone back. If you commented and you did not get a reply it's most likely because you are a no reply blogger. Let me know if you need some help with that. Also, if you are interested in joining Jasmine and mine facebook group, please let me know. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend and awesome Easter! 

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