10 Ways to Lower Stress Levels

Lately I have been stressed more than normal. I am not even sure why. It could be a mixture of things but this is life and we must move forward. 

I also must admit I don't handle stress too well. I get extremely overwhelmed than just give up on everything. Bad trait much?

But the good news is that I have been working on managing my stress and here are some of the tips that I have found work for me. 

1. Get Moving:  Working out // Running // Anything to get me moving always makes me feel better. Sometimes I just get up from my desk and walk around to give me that little breather. Companies like Oscar Insurance even have financial incentives for staying active. They provide health insurance in New York and New Jersey and reimburse their members for going to the gym and give them a free Misfit band so they can earn cash for meeting daily step goals. 

2. Take a Nap: I know as adults we feel like we don't have enough time in the day to get our things done but sometimes we have to step back and take a nap. 

3. Clean something: Having a clean space/house reduces stress tremendously. The less piles of paperwork and clean counters make me always feel better. 

4. Talk: Find a buddy and chat it up. Sometimes just saying what you feel// is on your mind can help reduce your stress. 

5. Vacation: We work so hard that we forget we deserve a vacation. I try to go on at least one week vacation a year out of the country with the hubby to give us that time to reboot. Plus, I am a huge fan of weekend getaways. 

6. Read: Sometimes the simplest things can be such a great way to de-stress.  

7. Shut all windows on the computer: Sometimes I get distracted by other things so much so that I have to close all my windows on my computer and just focus on work. 

8. Crack up the Music: Music is the best therapy - well probably close to the gym. I tend to turn up the radio while cleaning. 

9. Watch TV: Sometimes mindless tv for 20-30 minutes is a great way to reduce that stress. 

10. Make a To Do List: I am the type that makes list for everything. Something about making the list and crossing it off makes me feel like I have my world together. 

What do you do to mange your stress? 

Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month?
Me either, but it is. Spread the word.  

This post was inspired by Oscar Insurance but all context is my own.  


  1. I definitely take naps, clean something, and make a to do a list. I never thought of reading. I usually take bubble baths too.

  2. I'm definitely a stress excerciser. I just burned like 700 calories in a spinning class the other day and after I felt so relieved! That, or wine. Wine always helps

  3. I had no idea this was Stress Awareness Month. I don't handle stress well either. I'm still working on finding ways to better deal with it. Spending time reading helps me quite a bit.

  4. I love making lists! Wonderful way to get ideas and thoughts out, but also to organize and make a plan!

  5. Thanks for this list. I seem to be always stressed out and need to try a few of these.

  6. This is such a good list. All these things help me!

  7. This post came at a perfect time. I just got off the phone with Time Warner Cable and I am so annoyed and stressed out with them! Why do the customer service have to be so rude?

  8. Sleep! I've got a baby so yeah...

  9. I've been getting stressed a lot lately too. It's crazy how much better a clean house can make you feel. I just hate cleaning it!!