3 Simple Things I Do Every Sunday

I was thinking what to post about today and I have a list going on my phone but nothing was speaking to me that said post this on Thursday. 

Than I remembered I wanted to share some simple things I do every Sunday to start my week off right. 

I am starting to like Mondays because it's kind of like a restart button. We all start new things on Mondays. 

The 3 simple things I do every Sunday

1. Change my bed sheets: Nothing beats having clean sheets to roll around in on a Sunday night knowing you have to wake up to an alarm on Monday morning. 

2. Organizing my pills: I guess there is no fancy way to say this but I do organize and put all my pills for the week in an M-S container. What pills? My fish oil, muli and cranberry. 

3. Clean my bathroom: I always clean my bathroom on Sundays. Usually it takes about 20-30 minutes to wipe everything down, clean the toilet, sweep the floor and clean the catbox. 

These 3 simple things that I do every Sunday make me feel like I have something in my life put together and ready to rock my week. 

What do you do every week to make yourself feel better about starting the new week?


  1. On Sunday's I make sure to also change my sheets, do any excess laundry I didn't get to through out the week & organize my Advocare products/prepare my gym bag :)

    I need to get a pill container myself, thanks for the reminder!

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Sunday is like a rush to squeeze everything in that I didn't get to do for the weekend as well as getting ready for the week. I think I only change my sheets like once every month and avoid laundry like the plague lol

  3. Sundays I try and relax since I have usually tried to do too much on Saturday. I try and listen to a vinyl record in the morning though

  4. I really like the idea of changing your sheets each week. I do laundry every Sunday but I don't do the sheets every time. I really should though. Thanks for that tip.

  5. Weekends are full blown cleaning. I want to get new bed sheet set for my bedroom. Spring colors. But I can't find the one I like or want.

  6. Weekends are when I clean my bathrooms as well. It seems to be the only time I have to do it these days. :)

  7. A girl after my own heart. I clean my house every Thursday. :P

    Summer Ann
    Simply Summer Ann Blog

  8. Yes,good ideas! Why organize pills though-just easier to grab in the mornings?Makes sense,I should try that!

  9. Haha I agree with Hilary! I'm lazy on Sundays ;)

  10. This is too cute! I have certain things that I do every single Monday and Friday! These are my cleaning days!