Weekend Recap: Easter 2015

Mondays are having this trend where I seem so busy on Sunday's to write up a post than Monday morning 4am rolls around and I have zero time to write it up than. So Monday gets skipped. None the less though, here is my Easter weekend recap of the short weekend. 

Friday: I went to the gym. Usually I see my trainer Monday and Thursdays but since he moved I had to go Thursday & Friday. Also, anyone in the North County area looking for an awesome gym? Let me know, I would love to have you there with me! 

After the gym, I decided to make some dinner. Super healthy and super yummy. It is from a new cookbook I got awhile ago. I will be making this again in the future. 

Saturday I finally was able to take the acadia in for a car wash since our adventure to Sacramento

Than we ran some errands, got my sister her easter basket and hubby shaved his head! I actually love it on him. What do you think? Saturday night was also his last night in town for a bit so we did his last supper. 

Grocery shopping since we didn't go last week due to being in Sacramento. I love those trader Joe Yogurts! 

Sunday hubby left at 4am. Than Sister and I went out shopping. We got my Uncle this beer for his birthday and Sister experienced World Market for the first time. She is in heaven. 

After shopping, I made some almond milk and paleo friendly tortillas. I am planning on using them for buffalo chicken wraps and fish tacos this week. 

After a few hours home we headed off to my aunts for Easter dinner. She made these adorable bunny rolls. 

Overall, Easter was good but I sure did miss the hubby! 


Ashley said...

Sounds like a great Easter weekend! The shrimp dinner has now made me want shrimp for dinner! Thankssss!

Pellerini said...

I love Trader Joe's yogurt too! Looks like you had a fun filled weekend!

Jasmine said...

sounds like you had a good easter. Those bunnies are so cute lol I need to try and do that next year.

Allison Ellzey said...

Those little bunny rolls are the cutest!

Holly Housewife said...

Ooooo fun weekend!!! The bunny rolls are adorable!! Looking fit and fab lady! I like the hubby's shaved head, mine always buzzes his for the summer too. Am I the only one who wants to see a side by side before and after though?? Hahaha

Ashley Lee said...

Nice eventful weekend girl! I totally need to work out! && how was the almond milk? was it easy to make?