Weekend Fun: Fish Tacos // Costco// MK Purse

Happy Monday ya'll! I swear weekends are going by faster and faster these days. 

Friday I didn't do too much. I worked and made my favorite dish Fish tacos. I also had to take Bandit back to the vet for a retesting of his thyroid. He's lost almost 30 pounds in a month!! I am so excited for him. 

Saturday I got up to go to the coffee truck with my sister at 6am and come to find out it doesn't open until 7 so we skipped it and she went to work at 6:45. I cleaned the house all day and watched HGTV as usual. 

I did happen to make this home made Herb Ranch dressing from Against All Grain. I had to make the mayo first than the ranch. So far it's pretty good, well see how it goes this week. 

Saturday night I did my grocery shopping for this week. I am excited to try some new recipes and hopefully clean up my diet alot. 

Sunday We tried to hit up target to get some of the lil stuff that was out. We got there at 8:45 and it was all sold out besides a few XL stuff and some expensive chair. Were people really that crazy? I didn't know this was a one time thing target was doing. I must live under a rock. Anyways, we went and got our nails done. Had lunch with my aunt and tried to brave Costco. It was crazy. 

I also got a new purse. I am tired of beating up my louie so it's time he goes back in the box to be protected for a bit. I've used it everyday since Christmas. I hope I can keep this new MK purse white and it's the perfect summer purse. 

How was your weekend?


  1. I'm happy to hear that Bandit is doing better. And look at how much weight he dropped! That's amazing!

    Your MK purse is gorgeous! Do you see any trouble in keeping it from getting stained? I love me some dark jeans and inevitably I get my light purses stained.. Any tips?

  2. That purse is adorable! And Bandit has lost so much weight! Congrats to him.

  3. Loving that bag! Also, that ranch dressing looks super yummy. Was it easy to make?

  4. I'm still jealous you got a Michael Kors bag. lol

  5. I could be down for that dressing but I'd sooo be out on the fish tacos. Pretty purse. Good luck keeping it white!!