Coffee Date: Places I Want To Travel

Today I am linking up with Kailyn over at Kailyn Marie for Coffee Talk dates. This week topic is places I would love to visit. If anyone knows me, I love to travel and want to see so much. Hubby and I always take a vacation each year, so I have a long list of places for the coming years. 

Bora Bora // I've always wanted to stay in a little bungalow on the water. There isn't much else besides LOVE.   

Grand Turk // I want to go back. We've gone the last 2 years and I fell in love. It has absolutely clear water and some of the friendliest people I have ever met. 

Aruba // There isn't much else to say, besides I love warm water.

Stanley Cay // I've always wanted to swim with the pigs even though I am not a big fan of the Bahamas 

Alaska // I've always wanted to go to Alaska and take a helicopter tour to see the glaciers. 

Where do you want to travel too? 


100 Day Challenge: Week 5

Wow I have completed week 5 of this challenge already. It's crazy how fast it goes. 

Weekends are still my weakness but I am hoping to get better with it. I seem to improve already so it can only get better right? I am officially down 7lbs and I have a few days left on my 24 day challenge from advocare. I can't wait to finish that up and check out how much I lose. 

 I didn't take as many pictures. I will try to be better about it this week. 

I am still tracking my foods in my fitness pal. It truly helps to see what you are eating and how much you are eating. I also am focusing on a gallon a day of water to stay hydrated. One goal at a time right? 

Day 29 [Thursday, July 23]: I worked out with my trainer and walked our trail with a friend again. I love the walks as it's nice to spend some time with her and I get my steps in for the fitbit.

Day 30 [Friday, July 24]: Hubby was home for a 3 day weekend so we had some errands to do. Than I did the treadmill for my C25K week 5 day 2. Once hubby was home in the afternoon from his gym time we decided to do the trail together. He encouraged me to run part of it for the first time. We did it in 48 minutes.

Day 31 [Saturday July 25]: We went grocery shopping in the morning and once home we decided to go run the trail again. These fitbit challenges really encourage you to move! This time we did the trail in under 45 minutes as I ran more of it.

Day 32 [Sunday July 26]: Rest day! I always urge everyone to take one rest day. I know we all have goals we want to reach but if you don't rest than you'll just burn yourself out.

Day 33[Monday July 27]: I was up and at em early. I ran my C25K on the treadmill and off to the trail with the friend. It was a different change of pace knowing now that I can run some of it but she was carrying her baby so we decided not to run.

Day 34 [Tuesday July 28]: Off to my trainers to die some more. He made this circuit of squat throws, squat slams, tire flipping, hammer swings and pushing the prowler. I really felt like I was going to do. He sure does know how to push yo to your max.

Day 35 [Wednesday July 29]: Off to the trainers again for upper body and probably a bit of cardio.

Only 65 days left... I sure hope to lose another 10-15 pounds by than!! Keep staying strong! 


What A Weekend

Weekends just go by way too fast. 
We didn't do anything too crazy as we are both just trying to enjoy being home and adulting takes a lot out of us during the week. 

Hubby surprised us and came home Thursday night instead of Friday which means 3 day weekends for us. One thing I love about working from home, is making my own hours so when Hubby does get 3 day weekends I can enjoy them with him too. 

We were going to go check out a new lunch place but plans changed. So instead we spent the afternoon getting his haircut, Starbucks and discount tires. 

Can we take a moment about how expensive Starbucks is now? #givingupmygoldcard #cantaffordit Thank goodness I have #spark though! Anyone interested in trying spark, let me know. I can send you some! 

Once home we decided to run the trail together with the dogs. It's a great way to get outside and I was impressed with how much I can actually run these days. It's not the best but I am slowly getting there! 

Saturday we were up and at em early. Griz bear had an appointment to get groomed and we had some errands to run. 

Once home, Hubby was off to the gym and I was off to the treadmill to finish off week 5 of C25K. Princess obviously was ready for the trail instead. 

We went and ran the trail again. We set a record according to my garmin watch than it was home to relax. 

We had the best steak around. It's from Costco, the pineapple teriyaki flank steak. After dinner we just laid around and went to bed. 

Sunday I went to European wax center for the first time and absolutely loved it. They are clean and know what they are doing. For the first time, I actually didn't hate getting my eyebrows done. No more waxing at the nail salon. 

Than my sister and I went to see Train Wreck. It was funny, but it moved slow. I am more excited for Christmas for Sisters to come out! 

Once home, I finished  up laundry, relaxed and got ready for the week! 

This guy, I swear he thinks he's a dog! 

How was your weekend? 




Coffee Talk Monday

Happy Monday Ya'll! 

I am back after a very well deserved 3 day weekend since the Hubby came home a day early. I was so excited for him to be home all day Friday I didn't even turn on my computer all weekend, I would call that a win. 

But since it's Monday back to the grind of work and such. I can't believe it's almost August already, this year is flying by! 

I am so excited Jasmine and Sami decided to bring back Monday Coffee talk after taking a little break. I love setting some goals for the week. 

This weeks goal

1// Focus on work: This is the busiest week of the month for me as I am wrapping everything up and closing out the month. It's about to get crazy on me but I can do it. One day at a time right? 

2//Call the banks: Here I go again trying to make adult decisions, I really shouldn't be allowed too. They're just somethings people shouldn't do and one of those for me is making adult decisions that involve basically the rest of your life. It's too stressful for me

3//Track all my food on  my fitness pal: I am the lowest I have weighted in over 2 years all thanks to tracking food & working out. The 24 day challenge is really helping with the eating right too. 

What are your goals for the week?

Remember to link up with Jasmine & Sami. 


100 Day Challenge: Week 4

Are these weeks flying by or is it just me? I swear I was just writing week 3 review and here I am writing week 4. I am loving my new planner to help me keep accountable of my workouts and such. Weekends are still tough as ever, but it's something I am working on. 

This week was a huge milestone. I officially hit the 5 pound weight loss! This might not be big to some but for someone who struggles to lose 1 pound, I was so excited when I realized I had lost 5 pounds. I am going to give big kudos to the 24 day challenge that I am doing currently. Today is last day of the cleanse phase and tomorrow starts max phase.

Day 22 [Thursday, July 16]: Food is on point. I am using my fitness pal . After work, we went for a walk along the trail again with a friend. It is 2.5 miles long and it doesn't take too long to do.

Day 23 [Friday, July 17]: We had errands to run in the morning than it was time to get my workout on as we had plans for that night to go to the Padres game with some friends. I did week 4 day 2 of C25K - since I ran my furthest without stopping in a long time [Thank you C25K] I asked the hubby for the dress and of course he said yes! I love working towards something like this! 

I ate 3 chicken street tacos at the padre game which I thought was a much better choice than other things I could of ate there. 

 Day 24 [Saturday, July 18]: I was up early to finish week 4 day 3 of C25K. We had some errands to run too. Than it was off to a 60th surprise birthday party. This is where it got tricky, I ate the cake, more tacos and even had a splurge of a drink, but the best part of it is that this is life. You can't eat 100% because life is going to happen.   

At the birthday party, can you even tell I've lost 5 pounds? 

Day 25 [Sunday July 19]: I took the day off and went to have a facial and massage. The hubby had to head back up north for work and I was home. I went to bed early though as I was tired from the weekend festivities. 

Day 26 [Monday July 20] : I went to workout with my trainer to do some legs. I had to do jump squats, sumo squats with a kettle bell, pull throughs, back raises and abs. I got home to my present sitting outside my house. New Nikes! A girl can never have too many pairs of nikes. 

Than I got this wild idea to go run on the treadmill about 8pm Monday night. So I did it barefoot, it hurt but it was amazing. I actually ran like 10 of those 16 minutes, I was very proud. 

Day 27 [Tuesday July 21]: I was up at my normal time and back to C25K starting week 5 day 1. This is intense week as you run for 5 minutes, walk for 3 and repeat 3 times than do a 5 minute cool down. I was sweating bullets as the humidity here is crazy. I also changed up my breakfast from my meal replacement shake to a acai smoothie and I was not a fan, I was so hungry within minutes it felt like after having it. 

Day 28 [Wednesday July 22]: I had to be extra early as I had an appointment earlier than normal today. I did day 2 of week 5 C25k. I swear that thing is live changing. The food is getting much better and I am excited to see the scale moving in the right direction. I am hoping to reach my goal of 10 pounds by end of next week to start August off right! This weekend will be huge for me. 

We also have family pictures booked, so I want to get in shape for that as I use these photos for Christmas cards. 

Happy Hump Day ya'll! 



I can't believe how fast this year is flying by. Anyone else realize that August is just around the corner?

I swear I just booked my vacations and here I am on my challenge and counting down the days. With all the planning of vacations, I am trying to plan my blog too so it won't sit quietly. This is where I need you.

I would love to have some guest bloggers while I am away in August and October.

The topic is open ended, so anything is an option. If you need help with ideas I would love to help.

All I would need is the post HTML so I can schedule it and let you know what day you will be taking over the blog or if you have a specific day I can schedule you than.

Please leave your email address in the comments so I can send you a email for the guest posting with dates and any other questions you may have.

Happy Tuesday!


Weekend Recap: Padres Game // 60th Birthday Party

Hello Monday! Glad we meet again & I am ready to start this week. 
This weekend was interesting to say the least and I learned a lot about family and relationships. It's crazy what one night that was suppose to be a blast will do and what you will learn. 

Overall though, I loved having the hubby home and we were able to get out of the house and cross some things off our bucket list. Not to forget, San Diego got over a inch and half of rain which I loved! 

Friday:  I was up and at my #C25K for my 100 day challenge . We had some errands to run than it was home because hubby was coming home for the weekend. I was super excited. 

We went out to the Padres game with one of my best friends Stef and her main man Jacob. Padres won and it was a great time to get out of the house. 

Saturday: I finished week 4 day 3 of C25k. It felt amazing but I swear I can't run that long ever so I am not sure how I will survive week 5. 

Than we were off to my dad's girlfriend 60th surprise birthday party. The party it self was a great time. It was good to see family and for all of us to be together but this is where I learned what true colors some people have and the negative outlook they have on life. I don't understand why if someone is so miserable they will take it out on someone else. end rant! But she was very surprised and I was very happy for her. #fallontimberlake16

Sunday: I was up and doing laundry early, I had a message and facial schedule and than it was home to finish cleaning up and hubby was off again for his adventures. 

How was your weekend? 


Friday Letters & Friday Favorite Link Up

Dear Weekend, I am so glad to see you. This week has been interesting to say the least and I am ready for it to end. I think some weeks test my strength before I go all bat shit crazy on people. #rudepeoplesuck 

Dear Hubby, I miss you. I am so excited you get to come home this weekend. I am not a fan of this you being gone thing yet you're still close to home but can't come home. I am excited to spend the weekend together and get something off the bucket list for summer. I am still counting down to our vacation, 77 days until we are in paradise together. 

Dear Readers, Kayla & I are going to change the link up to Friday Favorites. This means you can link up ANY post you want from THAT week. It's more going to be a blog hop as we all have different goals for our blog. I am excited for this new change. So, whose going to link up?  

Dear 24 day cleanse, I am actually really liking you. The food has been on point. The app makes it super easy and I have lost some weight. I am excited to see where I am at the end of this challenge and my 100 day challenge. Anyone interested in the 24 day challenge? I am tracking what I eat the entire 24 days to try to make a meal plan. 

Dear Anxiety, You suck! I don't think there is much more I need to say about you. 

Dear Bank Account, Please grow. I would love if you just grew over night. Glad you understand. 

Dear Readers, Thank you for all the sweet comments this week. If you commented and didn't get a response from me, it probably means you are a no reply blogger . I am going to change over to disqus once they fix the bug to be able to import all my comments from previous post, until than please bare with me.

Don't forget Scarlet Carnation is offering 15% to my readers for your entire order. Use promo code BRAVE15 at check out

Please feel free to link up your favorite post from this week

Have a Fabulous weekend!  


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It's That Time Of Month For Princess Cali

Every month the dogs get excited to run up and down the fence chasing the UPS man, little do they know that one box a month is theirs. If you've been around these parts for some time, you know that I have 6 dogs on my property. 5 are mine and 1 is my cousins. Usually Princess Cali gets the box because she is the baby and only girl, also she's the only one who actually likes toys. 

I tried to hide the gift from Chewy.com so I could take some real pictures but the princess spotted it before I could. 


Blue Buffalo is a favorite brand of ours. This knuckle was the perfect size for Princess. 

I couldn't get it opened fast enough for her. She just started chewing it right through the wrapper. 

She had it gone within a few hours and wouldn't let the boys help her. #spoiled 
Cali loved the flavor and the ability to carry it around the house. 

Cali says Thank you chewy.com for sending me gifts every month to try! 

What is your favorite treats for your furry babies? Have you tried Chewy? 

*Product was sent to me by chewy.com in return of a honest opinion. All opinions are my own


100 Day Challenge: Week 3

3 weeks into this 100 day challenge and I think I am just now starting to understand what I am doing. It's been a rough process but I am glad to understand now. I do well during the week than the weekend comes and I blew it I've learned from writing these reviews, so this coming weekend goal is to stick to the plan. 

Want to know how the first two weeks went? 

Now for week 3: 

 Day 15/100  [Thursday]: Manged to get on the treadmill to do week 3 of the C25K. My goal for the week was to drink a gallon of water a day but I failed about here. I did mange to hit up the gym with my trainer for an awesome upper body day. 

Day 16/100 [Friday]: Walking with a friend has been a life saver for me. She is seriously the best to take time out of her day and walk. We chit chat about life and such, it's about two and half miles. Once I was home it went down hill. Hubby brought home pizza and I was so hungry from the walk I just inhaled it. oops! 


Day 17/100 [Saturday]: I had an appointment to get my hair done so I knew I had to get my workout in early. I was up and at em before 8am which is a miracle for me on a Saturday. Than I was off for my hair appointment, than hubby and I went grocery shopping for the week. Do you go grocery shopping every weekend, every other or once a month? I am thinking I want to try to go every other but I am not sure how well veggies and such stay. 


Day 18/100 [Sunday]: I took it as "rest day" - I knew I shouldn't of because I needed to finish week 3 of C25K but I did it anyways. Hubby and I had some extra errands to run so since I was craving donuts and ice coffee that is what we got! Once home, I cleaned the house a bit and I made my yummy breakfast muffins. They were so amazing but I was bummed I dropped one on the ground when I was taking it out to cool. The dog was lucky! 


Day 19/100 [Monday]: I started my 24 day challenge .  I am doing it with two friends so it is actually more doable for me. It wasn't too bad for day 1. My food has been pretty good too, so I look forward to eating. Have you tried spark? I love it since it's been too hot for coffee lately. I also, finished week 3 of C25K, it's starting to get serious now. I am still seeing my trainer twice a week too. My poor legs today were on fire from kettle bell goblet squats, sumo squats, and swings, than i pushed the prowler.  

Grape was ok, it wasn't that exciting. I prefer Mango Strawberry or Green apple is magically delicious! 


Day 20/100 [Tuesday]: I started week 4 of C25K. I am not sure I am advanced enough to run that long without dying. Extremely rough, I am hoping to improve as I keep moving forward. I just repeat to myself I can stop running until the time is up, I must keep moving. It was also day 2 of my 24 day challenge. It was rough. This is where my will power has come into play. I had to turn to strawberries and peanut butter to get through. 

Today starts day 21. I got a planner so I can write more of what I am doing for this challenge when i do these recaps and I am not relying on my memory since it fails a lot.  I am eating tons of protein and veggies. I am thinking of doing a post of what I eat in a day. 

It's all starting to come together for me. I am excited to see where I will be at the end of this 24 day challenge and 100 days for my vacation! Follow along on insta, facebook, or myfitness pal 

Have you done the 24 day challenge? Have you ever done a 100 day challenge? 

Happy Hump Day! 


Life Updates

Thank you to all those who have asked about my baby boy.  Since March when I took him to the vet for the first time in years, he weighted 96lbs and had a serve thyroid problem. Since than, I feel like the vet is my second home. We had a scare where I thought I would have to put him down since he refused to eat or drink anything, luckily he rebounded but now I have to feed him wet dog food/mixed with dry dog food and hide his thyroid pill in there twice a day. Last we were at the vet in June, he was down to 54lbs. He did have surgery for a lump that wouldn't stop growing and come to find out it is cancer. She couldn't tell us how much longer we will have him but he is way happier now. I feel so bad that I let him get to 96lbs but I am happy we are giving him such a good life. Not to mention, my baby is 11 years old. 

Thank you again for all the concerns about him.

Friday: Hubby and I decided to stay home. Sister was gone and my dad was gone. I got home from my afternoon walk with a friend and hubby had pizza made and ready. I was so hungry, I inhaled some pizza and took a shower. Watched some tv than went to sleep. Eventful Friday night I tell you.

Saturday: I was up early and completed week 3 day 2 of #C25K than I was off to dramatically change my hair.  

It was long, boring and do you see that gray hair? YUCK!!! 

Getting processed

After // I went way shorter, she thinned it out and we colored it black with a tint of purple if I stand in the sunlight the right way. I LOVE it. If you live in the San Diego area, def check out Bree 

Saturday night: We went grocery shopping and meal prepped for the week. 

Sunday: I was craving donuts and ice coffee since last week so we went to the BEST donut place in the world. Peterson's and I got my favorite donut from my childhood. The cream puff! It is so amazing but hubby ate like half of it as usual. 

Anyone else husband always eat half their food and when you try their's they get all mad? 

We returned some stuff to costco and ran some errands. Than it was home to get ready for thew week. 

How awesome is this shirt?