Friday Letters

Dear Weekend, We meet again. I am excited to sleep a bit and relax. We have nothing crazy going on besides I am getting my hair cut/color for the first time in almost a year. Check for it next week on here. I am so going to attempt to really meal prep and clean out the fridge. 

Dear Hubby, I love you. Thank you for working so hard and doing everything you do. I know work has you up super early this past week but I promise to let you sleep in on Saturday. I will try to control your dog from barking but no promises and your fur daughter loves to talk to you. #sorrynotsorry We have 84 days until Mexico, are you ready?? I can't believe how fast it is going. 

Dear Work, I really need to figure out a schedule for you. I am always lost on what exactly I need to do each day than I am left rummaging through work and in 100000 different piles of paper work after about 3 hours of sitting at my desk. This needs to change. I am hoping since I cleared off the desk it might help. I will also work on scheduling my blog post so I am not too distracted. 

Dear The Felicity Jar, Thank you for being such an awesome host with me for this link up. You are such a blessing. 

Dear 24 Day Challenge, I am so excited to start you & actually follow you the right way. The fact I got a few friends doing it with me is awesome because than I know I am not alone in this. If I can actually complete this like I should, I will prove to myself that I can do all things. plus, I will plan on doing another one in the future with all of you. 

Dear C25K, I am on week 3 and I can honestly say this is the furthest I have ran in a long time. Thank you for that. Thank you for allowing me to prove to myself that I can do this. I am extremely proud that I am actually sticking to this and not giving up because it got "hard" 

Dear Shark Week, I am sad to see you go. I've had fun all week watching all these shows. I am always so intrigued with how many different sharks there are, their personalities and so much more. I am ready for you to return next year already! 

Dear Readers, Thank you for the sweet comments this week. I am working on getting disqus comments on here so I can reply to everyone and not have to worry about no reply bloggers anymore. Thank you to Kailyn for my awesome new blog design and everything else she helps me with and more. 

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Have a safe & wonderful weekend ya'll!    


  1. Awww, "Dear Hubby" was so cute :) Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the new design! I'm so happy that you're feeling proud of yourself with your running! So many lives have been changed through C25K. Awesome!

  3. This is my first time reading a Friday Letters post and it seems like a great way to reflect on the week. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh this is such a cute idea!! I especially love the dear husband letter - very touching :)

  5. Awwww hope you enjoy getting your hair done! Always one of my favorite things to do!