What A Weekend

Weekends just go by way too fast. 
We didn't do anything too crazy as we are both just trying to enjoy being home and adulting takes a lot out of us during the week. 

Hubby surprised us and came home Thursday night instead of Friday which means 3 day weekends for us. One thing I love about working from home, is making my own hours so when Hubby does get 3 day weekends I can enjoy them with him too. 

We were going to go check out a new lunch place but plans changed. So instead we spent the afternoon getting his haircut, Starbucks and discount tires. 

Can we take a moment about how expensive Starbucks is now? #givingupmygoldcard #cantaffordit Thank goodness I have #spark though! Anyone interested in trying spark, let me know. I can send you some! 

Once home we decided to run the trail together with the dogs. It's a great way to get outside and I was impressed with how much I can actually run these days. It's not the best but I am slowly getting there! 

Saturday we were up and at em early. Griz bear had an appointment to get groomed and we had some errands to run. 

Once home, Hubby was off to the gym and I was off to the treadmill to finish off week 5 of C25K. Princess obviously was ready for the trail instead. 

We went and ran the trail again. We set a record according to my garmin watch than it was home to relax. 

We had the best steak around. It's from Costco, the pineapple teriyaki flank steak. After dinner we just laid around and went to bed. 

Sunday I went to European wax center for the first time and absolutely loved it. They are clean and know what they are doing. For the first time, I actually didn't hate getting my eyebrows done. No more waxing at the nail salon. 

Than my sister and I went to see Train Wreck. It was funny, but it moved slow. I am more excited for Christmas for Sisters to come out! 

Once home, I finished  up laundry, relaxed and got ready for the week! 

This guy, I swear he thinks he's a dog! 

How was your weekend? 




  1. That steak looks delicious! Looks like you had a great extended weekend :)

  2. You had a busy weekend! Congrats on the success you've had already with your challenge!!

  3. Weekends do go by entirely too fast! I try to soak up every minute of the weekends, but they always pass by in a hurry. And yay for a 3 day weekend!! And yes, Starbucks is crazy expensive. I got a Tall frap the other day and it was almost $6 bucks. What?! No thanks… #itsnotthatgood ha! That steak looks amazing. Costco has great food. Aww, I hate that Trainwreck moves slow. I was looking forward to watching it. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend!

  4. The post is really interesting! I love your blog:)


  5. that steak looks so yummy. We almost went and watched Train Wreck but decided not to.

  6. Mmm that steak looks good! Not to sound out of the loop, what is Spark?

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend, your dog is absolutely beautiful! I wish I had the motivation to run that much, good on ya!

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend! Sometimes the ones without big plans are the best!

  9. I love that you're doing Couch to 5K! I did something similar when I first began running, and now I'm hooked! You go, girl!

  10. That steak looks amazing! I wish I had a Costco near me so I could pick some up. I totally agree with Starbucks it is so expensive but maybe it is because I go there all the time oops!3 day weekends are the best kind of weekends.

  11. I just ate dinner but took one look at that steak and now I'm hungry again!

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